We chaps all remember donning our first suit where we stood, proud as punch, next to Dad at a relative’s wedding. It was all so easy for us back then. These days, with the vast array of suits and accessories on offer, it can sometimes be a nightmare to decide what to wear and for what occasion. Here at Hemingway Tailors, we are adept at making bespoke suits for any function or event you may be attending, be it a wedding, a job interview, a first date or even a court case. However, in order to make the whole ensemble a success, you’ll need to see our guide below...

1) Ensure your suit and accessories fit

When getting a made-to-measure suit, it is critical to ensure that the jacket fits well, allowing you a full range of motion whether it’s done up or not. Choosing an experienced tailor will help to ensure this happens – which you can be sure of with Hemingway! For your shirt, one finger should be able to fit between the collar and your neck itself. 

2) Remember who you are

It’s important to remember to actually dress for your body type and style. If you’re short, it may be better to stick with a single-breasted jacket. If you have a ‘pear-shape’ and are bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket that will create the illusion of a longer silhouette.

3) Wear the suit correctly

If you have a two-button jacket, suit etiquette dictates that you need only button the top button. For three-button jackets, the middle button and top button should be fastened, or in many instances it may be acceptable to do no buttons done up at all. However, some situations will demand that the bottom button is securely fastened, such as at a funeral. It might seem like an obvious statement – though one certainly worth reiterating – but you should button all the buttons on your shirt, including the cuffs too...

4) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

For belts, black will go with almost everything – except, that is, for khaki suits, with which a brown belt should instead be worn.  The belt buckle should also match any other accessories you have on, such as a watch.  On the subject of watches, if your sleeve is above it, they’re too short. Don’t wear a necklace or chain with a suit unless it holds religious or personal significance, and even then consider keeping it out of sight.

5) A shoe in

Whilst this again should be self-explanatory, try to ensure your shoes match the rest of your suit and indeed your belt colour. Remember, of course, that comfort is king. You may look like the most suave man in the UK, but if you’re hobbling and wincing in pain, it will defeat the purpose.

6) Iron out the creases

Keeping your appearance clean and fresh looking rather than rumpled ought to be a no-brainer. If pushed for time, hang a shirt in the bathroom as you shower, which will make ironing out any creases much simpler.

7) The finishing touches

Personal hygiene is vital to give that final, well-groomed look. Take care of the smaller tasks that don’t tend to get done on a daily basis such as clipping your nails, destroying the unibrow or removing any visible nose/ear hair amongst others. Whilst beards are trendy right now, ensure yours is well trimmed and defined. It goes without saying that if you’ve not showered, brushed teeth or kept any offensive body odours at bay, it could all be in vain.

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