019 is now here and with a new year comes new fashion trends. Although we’ve closed the door on 2018, it’s fair to say that there were definitely a few trends over the last 12 months which were popular and some that simply didn’t catch on.

Last year was a huge year for men’s fashion, so Hemingway decided to take a quick look back on the men’s fashion trends that were seen sweeping the catwalks as well as on the high street and picked out seven key trends.

1. Vintage checks

Back in autumn/winter 2017, vintage checks became a key fashion trend for women and by early 2018, the trend was seen all over the catwalks at every men’s fashion show. Oversized checks printed on equally oversized jackets, trousers and shirts were what spring/summer 2018 was all about and as the year went on, checks were still a thing and got bolder and brighter. Tartan, Prince of Wales and tattersall appeared everywhere and will most likely stick around for the duration of 2019 for both men and women.

2. Double breasted suits 

2018 saw many double breasted suits walk the runway from high-end designers and even in high street store windows. From traditionally formal through to sporty, every trends seen from last year maintained its strikingly bold style that, making it impossible to turn a blind eye to and for all the right reasons. Some might say risky and others might say the complete opposite - whatever your opinion on the DB suit, there’s no doubting that it has become a key trend for men’s formalwear.

3. Tropical print shirts

Tropical print shirts first started to make their way into the modern fashion world back in 2017, however last year saw many more take the limelight for summer 2018 but with a more tasteful twist. Dark or neutral coloured shirts acting as a canvas for vivid, summery multi-coloured prints were what every man needed in his summer wardrobe, paired with camel or brown chinos or jeans. To avoid looking like you were heading for the beach by wearing with sandals or sliders, this trend was worn with loafers or smart brown shoes for the ultimate summer 'smart casual’ look.

4. Statement camels

Similarly to the vintage checks trend, camel brown became a thing for women a few years ago with the rise of the autumn camel coloured coat which was seen on high street and catwalk. Last year, camel also became a trend for men and was seen at New York, London and Paris fashion shows showing that even women’s trends can work for men. A subtly smart look, the camel colour look was seen with other rich, warm shades of brown and beige when worn head-to-toe, or provided the perfect statement colour when teamed with either black, grey or white. For 2019 however, we predict that a lighter camel shade will be the ‘it’ colour of the season whether it’s casual or smart.

5. Vertical stripes

From thick to thin, vertical stripes took the men’s fashion world by storm during last autumn/winter which Hemingway were delighted to see. We love a patterned suit, especially a pinstripe suit, so it was great to see stripes of all varieties throughout 2018. No matter what your body shape is, the vertical stripes trend showed you could be as bold or subtle as you liked with no limitations.

6. Turtleneck suit

Again, popular for women, the turtleneck was then seen on a lot of men last year who wanted to look smart and who also wanted to keep warm when wearing a suit. Although classic black turtlenecks were most popular, neutral colours such as cream, beige, brown and grey were seen worn along with a brown, grey or navy coloured suit. You don’t have to be cold whilst going for the formal look - you can actually pull off the smart, winter look with a nice turtleneck and suit combination which still says ‘business ready’.

7. Shearling jacket

Oversized or short, the shearling jacket has already overspilled into 2019 after ruling the trend forecasts for the last few seasons. Providing the ideal men’s winter jacket that actually keeps you warm whilst being pleasing on the eye, shades of brown shearling jackets were most popular for men this year and will most likely continue to be big for winter 2020 with even more colour options available. A piece that will last a lifetime and definitely won’t go out of fashion anytime soon, a shearling jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe if you don’t already own one.

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