It is easy to spot those who care somewhat about making an impression; they are the ones dressed well, who stand out because they are wearing something that you admire or perhaps even want for yourself. They may not necessarily be ‘trendsetters’, but simply ‘fashion-followers’, who can identify an effective style and emulate it. If you love discovering new trends and keenly hunt down the shirt you saw in Sunday Times Magazine the moment you spot it, you’re probably more of a fashion follower. However, if you see that shirt, but decide it would be better in a different shade or texture, or would be better teamed with a different pair of trousers, you’re more likely to be a trendsetter. In most cases, a trendsetter is simply someone who follows fashion, but adds their own edge – could this be you?

Take, for example, a bespoke suit; you may keep within the perimeters of the current fashion trend, the trouser leg fit and perhaps the size of tie, but you change the colour, texture, buttons, lining and numerous other details to make it your own. You’re a trendsetter, and you’re likely to turn a few heads and give a few people ideas. So, want to set trends and gain fashion followers? Take our advice…

Keep it original, yet simple

A fussy suit, with too many buttons, and too many colours or textures, is likely to turn heads for all of the wrong reasons. It is often the simpler, finer suits that gain attention, but they can still be original in their own way. Using a familiar style, but adding a new or unique detail is what will make your suit stand out and start a trend. Textured buttons at the cuff or an unusual coloured lining are small details that will catch a fashion-followers eye.

Wear it with confidence

It’s difficult not to feel confident in a beautiful, bespoke suit, because it fits so well and is tailored to suit your needs, but it is important that this comes across. If you are spotted looking uncomfortable or not particularly pleased with what you are wearing, chances are, you will put other people off wanting to replicate your outfit. Stand up straight and wear your suit with pride!

Don’t be negative about other trends

Rather than belittle trends that differ to the one you are setting, you can draw inspiration from them, adapt them to suit your style or even offer advice or tips to others. No trend is a lost cause, all trends can be altered and paired with other trends to create a unique, workable look. People are unlikely to follow your trend if it comes with an arrogant personality!

Show versatility

You’ll want to stick with your particular, favourite style, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Don’t always opt for the same colours or textures, show a little versatility and that you can work more than one look. That way, a wider variety of people are more likely to follow your fashion.

Of course, ‘setting trends’ is unlikely to be your main priority when it comes to purchasing a bespoke suit, but if the suit it designed with precision and care, to ensure that it is personal to you and reflects your own style, you are likely to end up setting your own trend anyway. Explore the Hemingway Tailors website today for ideas for your suit, or get in touch with one of our expert tailors, today.

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