We’re all susceptible to making to the odd human error, and when it comes to our cherished shirts and suits there are probably a few people who have made a mistake which has seen one of their favourite garments ruined.

A common mishap many people tend to make is scorching their clothes while ironing. While some fabrics are prone to burning more so than others, it can happen to virtually any piece of garment at any time, especially given the number of times we find ourselves rushing the ironing so we’re ready on time.

Being aware on how to avoid these small errors can help you enjoy your much loved garments longer – and we’ve looked at exactly how below.

Avoid ironing where possible

If you’re dealing with suits then we’d recommend steaming them instead of actually ironing them. This can help to alleviate most creases along with them being left to rest on a hanger. Granted, for tough creases an iron may be necessary however in most cases steaming should suffice.

Take more care with cotton

Regardless of which piece of garment your ironing, if it is made out of cotton then be sure to take extra care. Cotton is notorious for scorching easily and so can leave you with a ruined item of clothing in no time.

Iron inside out

As mentioned earlier there will be moments where you’re forced to iron your clothes to deal with deeper creases. In these cases you should look to iron as much of the garment inside out. This will remove direct contact with parts of the garment that are visible when it’s being worn but still allow you to rid your clothes of creases.

Treat scorch marks

Although you might take all the care in the world, there’s still a chance of scorching your garments at some point. While most scorch marks are likely to render your clothes ruined, minor marks can actually be dealt with to have your clothes looking virtually untouched. We’ve listed a few tips you can try the next time you have a close call. It should be noted that the methods involved are better suits to shirts and accessories as opposed to suits given the tough treatment they may require. However, if it’s a last resort to save your suit then by all means give it a go.

Tip 01 – Treat it fast

When dealing with a minor scorch the last thing you want to do is leave it lingering until you have completed your ironing to deal with fixing it. Acting quickly can make the difference between restoring you garment to its best or having to settle with it being ruined with an irreversible stain.

Tip 02 – Wash it

The first method of dealing with scorch marks it by washing the garment. Start by simply rubbing washing detergent into the affected area and leaving it to set in for 15 minutes. Once this has been done you can launder your clothes on the regular setting recommended for them. This process can be repeated if needed to but bear in mind the wear and tear it could put the garment through.

Tip 03 – Treat it with hydrogen peroxide

Another method of dealing with scorch marks is through using hydrogen peroxide. Before doing so however make sure it isn’t heavily concentrated as this can cause the colour of your garment to run. In order to start healing the scorch you want to soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and lay it on the burnt area. Then find a clean dry cloth and lay this on top of your hydrogen peroxide soaked cloth. The process is then completed by ironing the dry cloth on a medium heat level – allowing the heat to transfer through the cloths and helping the hydrogen peroxide to work into the scorch.

It should be noted that there’s a fine line between a salvageable burn and one which is pretty much irreversible. If you don’t see a notable improvement then it’s safe to say your garment will no longer be fit for use, however if there is a slight improvement then try these methods again to get improved results. 

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