As the race for US presidency continues to roar on, so has media scrutiny of the 2 candidates in question. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both been thoroughly observed by onlookers – from the their past, to their personal interests, right the way to their physical appearance have been called into question.

Yes, inevitably, the manner in which they present themselves has also been judged. In a time where our daily lives are so fast moving, first impressions (formed from the way we look) can often dictate how we interact with one another. So how have the 2 leaders presented themselves in recent months?

Both candidates have had their own issues to deal with. For Trump, he’s not only had to get his outfit right, but his famed hairdo has also been the subject of much quip, while fellow Republican candidate, Marco Rubio, also questioned his suitability to being president because of his “small hands”.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton has seen herself edge closer to becoming the first ever female leader of the US, and as a result has been forced to create a look of her own. This has culminated in a number of looks which have divided opinions and attracted more attention than Trumps looks. As a result, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton lean on the likes of Kristina Schake (Michelle Obama’s former aide) to help get her looks right.

How they’ve fared so far

Donald Trump has played it relatively safe thus far – but still managed to get it wrong from a fashion perspective. He’s stuck to the look which has become accustomed to many presidential candidates – often donning a blue suit with a white shirt and red or blue tie. The look which represents the national colours of the US also falls very much in line with his slogan of wanting to “make America great again”. However, while the colours might be well coordinated, there are elements of his suit which are certainly questionable.

First off is his choice of an overly long tie. This has become a feature within his looks over the years which has carried through into his push for presidency. The ideal length of a tie should fall between the belt strap. However, Trump’s tie is often seen hanging inches below his belt. A second element of his suit, and one which is likely to be of particular annoyance to any tailor, is how ill fitted many of his suits are. We’ve seen him in some boxy looking suits which are a far cry from Barack Obama’s finely tailored looks. Whether this is intentional or not, who knows. But it’s hard to believe that someone of Trumps stature would allow for such ill fitted suits to slide.

Talking about ill-fitting attire, Hillary herself hasn’t has the smoothest ride when it comes to her get up. Images of a particular outfit which keep cropping up show the potential US president wearing a frumpy looking knee length jacket at a charity do. The look did her absolutely no favours and was immediately ridiculed on Twitter. However short comings of this nature have been very much few and far between, with many of her looks often centring around trouser suits. As a result, Hillary has ensured that she’s consistently dressed in a modest manner and has avoided a number of fashion faux pas’ that other women occasionally fall for.

While opting for a variety of colours, her suits have provided a professional yet classy guise time and again. This has played an important role in her campaign, and while she has managed to infrequently throw on something a little more “fun”, she’s also maintained a look which confirms her stature of being capable enough to lead the country.

As Miuccia Prada put it, "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language". Trump and Clinton certainly are presenting themselves to the world in a very literal sense, but luckily for them they’re also afforded plenty of air time to be heard. If it was solely a matter of first impressions, then Hillary would surely be strolling into the Whitehouse.

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