Love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day, and along with it there are sure to be a countless number of hopeless romantics hatching their perfect proposal plan. For those who are set on proposing – we’ve looked at what you’ll need to consider once you’ve popped the question as you plan the date for your big day.

Keep weather in mind

Sounds like an odd one to begin with, but the weather can either set the mood or ruin it depending on what your plans are. While movies might make a couple stranded in a deluge of rain look romantic, in the real world people aren’t always as forgiving. If soaked hair and ruined makeup are the kind of things that’ll leave your other half in a foul mood then plan wisely, especially if you’re hoping for an outdoor couple shoot.
While the weather in one sense can ruin the occasion, it can also set the perfect mood for a romantic wedding setting. Take for example a snow coated setting. While in England we aren’t always gifted much snow, you could well travel further north to Scotland or even into Europe to locations which experience regular snowfall. It’ll make for a cosy setting, perfect to melt your partner’s heart.
While the accuracy of the weather forecasts might be questionable when looking well in advance, it’ll prove more helpful than simply planning blindly.

Pick the perfect venue

If you’re given the job of choosing the venue (or even if it’s a joint decision), think about how the location itself can make the day that bit more special for your other half.
Have they mentioned a particular place they’d like to get married? Do they have a dream setting for a wedding which could be recreated with a carefully chosen venue? While we’re sure you’ll both be overcome with joy irrespective of location on the day itself, there’s no harm in going the extra mile or 2 to add to the spectacle.
The choice is ultimately yours but looking to find a place that holds a degree of significance to your other half will help to display the amount of thought that went into your planning and really complete their day.

Wear an outfit fit for the occasion

Your big day should be spent looking your very best, and there aren’t many ways better than with a bespoke or made to measure made suit. However you don’t want to be leaving it too late as tailored suits can take months to produce. A made to measure suit typically takes around 8 weeks to make while a bespoke suit can take 12-14 weeks. That’s why it’s important you give yourself enough time to get your outfit sorted (that includes your shoes, tie, pocket square, cufflinks and any other accessories) – the last thing you want to do is turn up to your wedding in an ill fitted poorly coordinated suit.
The beauty of a bespoke suit is that you can add personal touches to please your other half. Whether it be the lining to match a colour in their outfit, or having the date embroidered into the suit. Additionally, as it’s made specifically to fit your figure, it’ll flatter your body more so than any readymade suit, which in turn will help to instil that extra bit of confidence when you reach the altar.

Consider your honeymoon

Chances are you’ll be wanting to head away for your honeymoon as soon after your wedding as possible so take this into consideration. Check the weather for locations around the time you’re looking to go, you don’t want to arrive at your honeymoon getaway during storm season. Additionally, your honeymoon is likely to fall during peak holiday seasons then be sure to check the availability beforehand and book it as early as possible.
So there are a few factors that’ll dictate your wedding date and have you set to start the new chapter of your life in style. If you have any more wedding preparation tips then we’d love to hear them – get in touch with us via our social media pages.

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