Christmas party season is just around the corner. Whether you view your office’s Christmas party as an opportunity to celebrate after another year of work or merely as a lavish night out on the company’s expense, you’ll still want to avoid the embarrassment of being the worst-dressed in attendance. Is a Christmas party the right place to wear your new bespoke suit? Is a novelty tie acceptable? We answer these sartorial questions and more.

DO determine the dress code

It’s unlikely that your boss will explicitly state your party’s dress code. Use your initiative. Determine what’s suitable based on the venue, and speak to your colleagues about their plans – and what people wore at last year’s party. Office Christmas parties generally tend to have more formality about them than other Christmas parties, but if you come overdressed you’ll be teased about it for the entire evening.

DON’T overdo the glitter

It may be Christmas, and many of your female colleagues may be wearing sequined dresses and glittery eyeshadow, but it’s rather more difficult for men to embrace glitter and sequins in a stylish manner. In fact, it might be safer to avoid these festive touches altogether.

DO consider velvet

Full velvet suits may seem rather dated, but it’s a festive fabric that works well in small doses. A burgundy or black velvet blazer is a perfect component of a stylish Christmas party outfit – as long as it fits well.

DON’T wear your usual work suit

It might seem easiest to wear your usual work outift at your office Christmas party, but what kind of message does that send out to your colleagues? At the very least, swap out one half of your suit with something a little more casual or exciting. Smart jeans are perfectly acceptable at most Christmas parties, for example.

DO avoid novelty items

Unless your office is the type to dress up for every occasion, leave the Santa hats and Wizzard-singing ties at home. Avoid anything that lights up, and definitely don’t show the office your novelty Christmas socks.  Keep it reasonably conservative.

DON’T forget about the weather

You may want to show off your fancy bespoke suit, but you’ll freeze to death if you don’t have a suitably stylish coat to wear over the top. Opt for a well-cut classic wool coat – as much a style statement as a practical piece of kit.

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