In case you somehow missed it, US President Barack Obama gave a press conference on the current global conflicts at the end of last month. The speech dealt with incredibly serious subjects, but it seemed that the press were only interested in one thing: Obama’s suit. The president stepped behind the podium in a tan suit. Twitter exploded. Obama usually only sticks to safe options, such as dark blues and greys, so to see him in a tan suit came as a significant shock to the media. Commentators were startled by the choice of suit, and many chose to ridicule it. Obama’s choice of tailored suit was compared with that of a used car salesman. The suit itself may not have obscured the messages of his speech, but the Twitterstorm surrounding the suit certainly did.

Here at Hemingway Tailors, it wasn’t the colour that bothered us, but the fit. It certainly looked rather too big for Obama. The suit clearly wasn’t up to the standards of one of our bespoke suits. However, although a tan suit is not a fashion faux pas in itself, it certainly isn’t suited to stern presidential speeches. We associate darker coloured clothing with authority and power. Light colours, including tan, come across as more casual. The subject of his speech was particularly grim and sombre – a casual, summery suit doesn't give off the best impression.

Hemingway Tailors understands that a suit has to match the occasion. Whether you’re a businessman, a builder or the President of the United States, we’ll create the perfect bespoke tailored suit for your needs. Book your initial consultation today.

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