So the new year is here, and while many of us have once more promised ourselves to not indulge in unhealthy treats and live a healthier lifestyle – we should also be looking at what we promise ourselves in our outfit choices. After all, your clothes are often judged more so than you.
We’ve looked at some of the things you should and shouldn’t do in 2017.

Resolution 01: Don’t wear clothes to hide your figure

There’s a big difference between dressing to compliment your figure and trying to hide it. The fact is that there are more than a few of us who have failed to sculpt athletic bodies, however don’t try to hide this as it can draw more attention to you. Take for instance larger men who wear shirts a couple of sizes too big in order to hide their frame. This often leads to them looking even larger which is the exact opposite of what they’re trying to achieve.
On the other hand, tall slimmer men should opt for shirts which are tailored to ensure things such as their sleeve length is just right. Sleeves that fall short will inevitably not only make the arm look longer but also make the suit/shirt look like it’s been outgrown.

Resolution 02: Button up appropriately

Who’d have thoughts a few measly buttons could ruin your look in a flash. Knowing when to fasten your buttons along with how many you should fasten is important in ensuring you’re always looking your very best.
When wearing a single-breasted suit jacket or blazer be sure to always leave the bottom button open, and when sat down open it entirely. Double breasted blazers and suit jackets on the other hand require a different approach. They should always be worn with the buttons closed, irrespective of whether you’re stood up or sat down.

Resolution 03: Get your trouser length right

This tends to be a stumbling block for many men, and it often occurs amongst those who are used to wearing jeans on a day to day basis. While with jeans you can get away with a mixture of lengths due to the fact that you’re likely to be dressed in casual or smart-casual attire, it’s not so much the case with smart looks which involve trousers.
There are a few lengths which you can play with and the one you go with will be dependent on your style preference and body. These lengths range from no break (where the trousers sit just on your ankle), to slight break, half break and full break (where the trousers sit comfortably on the shoes). Trousers which fall beyond these lengths and are either too long or too short and will leave you looking like a teenager who’s outgrown/yet to grow into their school uniform.

Resolution 04: Don’t opt for cheap shoes

Your look isn’t defined solely by your suit – every accessory you wear will play its part and shoes are no different. While you might think you can get away with cheap shoes sat under a finely fitted suit, trust us you won’t. They’ll stand out like a sore thumb and after a couple of wears there’s no doubt the inferior quality will start to show.
If you’re going to take time to look your very best when it comes to your suit, then make sure every other element of your outfit is also on a par.
While you might not stick to your new year’s resolution to cut out sweet treats, make sure you vow to stick by the ones we’ve mentioned above.

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