Would you like a suit that is waterproof, contains an air-conditioned cooling system and features 600 black diamonds sewn into the lapels with a further 280 on the buttons of the jacket? Would you pay $3.2 million for it? Swiss tailored suit company Suitart has just designed a suit, named Diamond Armor, which has become the most expensive custom suit in the world.

Combining luxury fashion with absurd features and the latest technology, the suit is also completely bulletproof by NATO military standards and can withstand bullets fired from handguns ranging from 9mm pistols to .57 magnums. We’re not entirely sure why a suit with this many bells and whistles is necessary, but it’s impressive all the same that it has been made! The suit also boasts an intricate silk lining printed with a painting by well-known Costa Rican artist Luciano Guizueta, so whoever buys the suit will effectively be wearing a piece of art.

As well as bulletproofing the suit comes with an ostentatious 24-carat golden tie, is waterproof and dirt resistant so should help to keep your dry cleaning bills down.

While we won’t claim to be able to create suits to this particular specification, we can create suits that flatter your shape and are constructed of high quality materials, guaranteed to suit your tastes and that are well worth the investment. You’ll also be pleased to know that they don’t come with the $3.2m price tag! If you’re interested in purchasing a tailored or made-to-measure, contact our team of professional tailors today.

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