A waistcoat containing ice packs is the latest weight loss device to make it to the market. A NASA scientist is using his knowledge of ice and mild cold exposure to successfully bring the product to market through crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

 The product looks like a very crudely made waistcoat, fastened at the front with Velcro. Ice packs are placed in pockets on the inside of the waistcoat, on the shoulders and the top of the back panel. There’s also an optional necktie that has tiny ice pockets built in. After twenty minutes of wearing the freshly frozen waistcoat, the mild cold prompts your body to up its metabolism, burning calories. Once the ice has melted, return the waistcoat to the freezer. Two wears a day is meant to be burn 500 calories.

 The aptly named ‘Cold Shoulder’ isn’t the only device of this type on the market – there are many other wearable ice packs out there, but the maker claims that this is the first that can be worn as part of a business suit.

 Here at Hemingway Tailors, we’re certainly intrigued by the concept – but we won’t be replacing our well-fitting waistcoats any time soon! If you’d like to try out the superior fit and comfort of a traditional bespoke three-piece suit (sans ice packs), book an appointment with our tailor. We offer a visiting tailor service and provide you consultations at any time or place that’s convenient for you. Make an enquiry online today or call the team on 0800 542 34 06.

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