Mother’s Day is here again – it’s that time of year where we take time to show our mums we love them, and that we appreciate all they’ve done for us over the years. Our mums can be our best friends, confidants and inspirations – they can even be our style icons! If your mum is a well-dressed and fashionable woman, perhaps with a tailored suit or two in her wardrobe, these four top gift ideas make for fantastic, stylish presents this Mother’s Day…

A Watch

Since we all carry the time around with us on our phones these days, watches have become even more important as style cues and statement accessories. Your mum probably already owns a watch or two, but versatile, tasteful dressers always look for variety in their accessories and a new watch is a great way of bringing fresh life to any number of outfits. Take a look at her current watch collection and get an idea for her style and any gaps you could fill. If she owns a watch with a tan leather strap, look for one with a black leather strap. If her current watches have silver or chrome faces, perhaps a brass or gold face would be appreciated. Make sure your gift is in a similar style, however, as she’s probably chosen her current watches for a reason.


A woman is only as stylish as the shoes on her feet. We can never have too many shoes, and some well-chosen footwear will complete a good tailored suit. Formal shoes may not be the kind of items your mum would buy for herself, so surprise her with a fine pair of pointed brogues, slingbacks or pumps. Formal shoes should always be chosen with the rest of the outfit in mind – choose the colour and style to complement her favourite tailored suit or cocktail dress. If she has a favourite belt and watch she likes to wear for formal occasions, choose a pair of shoes to match the leather of these items.

Scarves and shawls

Some accessories are as practical as they are attractive. At this time of year, scarves and shawls are essential to keep the wearer warm against the winter chill. Scarves and shawls can also add a much-needed splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit, and unlike the other items on this list, won’t make too much of a dent in your bank balance. Choose a fine, high quality product made from silk or cashmere if you want your mum to wear it with her favourite tailored suit. For a more personal gift, pick a scarf or shawl in her favourite colour or pattern.


Jewellery is a classic Mother’s Day gift. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets all make for fantastic gifts, and are available in styles and materials to suit all tastes and budgets. If your mum is a particularly stylish dresser she’ll know that subtlety is key, so try to select subtle, tasteful jewellery that will complement her existing wardrobe. For an extra special gift, consider having jewellery made bespoke for her in a style personal to your family.

All of these accessories make for fantastic Mother’s Day gifts. If you’d like to give her something truly special this year, however, consider investing in Hemingway Tailors’ suit in a box service. You can choose fabric and lining swatches to be delivered to your mum’s door, letting her know that you’re giving her the gift of a tailored suit this year. When she’s received the gift, she can visit us here at Hemingway Tailors for measuring and to choose the cut, colour and style of her new made-to-measure suit. Contact us today to find out more about this unique service.

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