Men’s fashion embraces investment pieces such as tailored suits and watches, but every season they are accompanied on the catwalks by new patterns, cuts and colours that eventually establish themselves as trends, reaching the high street and defining the key looks of the season. As we enter 2015, we’ve certainly noticed the emergence of new menswear trends. What do you make of this season’s key trends?

 #1: Red

Bold, bright reds will be everywhere this year. It’s time to break out your bright red suit jacket or invest in some red tailored trousers. For the less brave, opt for burgundy and other deeper reds, or acknowledge this trend through a crimson tie or pocket square. This trend doesn’t stretch to a full red three-piece suit, however – stick with one red garment or accessory per outfit!

 #2: Denim

It seems that the days of double denim that we last endured witnessed in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s are upon us once more. Denim is certainly in this year – from denim shirts and shorts to blazers. To attempt the double denim look, pair a light denim shirt with dark jeans, or invest in a made-to-measure denim blazer and find some jeans or a denim shirt to go with it. This trend is all about quality and fit – and certainly shouldn’t remind us of Justin and Britney’s painfully memorable red carpet appearance at the 2001 American Music Awards.

 #3: Tailoring meets casualwear

As more and more men embrace the superior fit of bespoke and made-to-measure garments, there’s an increase in demand for slightly more generously cut, casual and yet still made-to-measure garments.

 #4: Adventurous prints

Florals make a comeback every spring and summer, and this year is no different. 2015 floral prints will be bigger, bolder and more creative than usual, and they’re joined by plenty of other adventurous prints, such as bold stripes, block colours, complex spirals and huge statement graphics such as cartoon characters and animals. Pair a printed shirt or T-shirt with a quieter blazer to maintain your fashion credentials.

 #5: Men’s bracelets

Some corners of the fashion industry have used the word ‘mangles’ (men’s bangles) to attempt to give this trend a more masculine edge – but who cares about the name? This year you’ll see more bracelets aimed at men in high street stores, from simple, solid, torc bangles to more intricate chains and braids.

 #6: Tailored trousers

Skinny jeans take another step towards the exit as tailored trousers become wardrobe staples – not just for the office, but as casual wear too.

 #7: Three-piece suit

We recently told you about this one on another Hemingway Tailors blog post, but it’s certainly worth repeating. Men are turning back to the trusty three-piece suit. A well-fitted waistcoat is a worthy addition to many formal outfits, and its versatility means that it can work equally well in a casual outfit, too.

 Want to try out these trends for yourself? A made-to-measure suit and shirt is the perfect place to begin. 

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