Here at Hemingway Tailors, we like to keep a gimlet eye on the fashion industry and see what’s what in the world of menswear. Being purveyors of timeless bespoke and made-to-measure suits we don’t have much truck with the trends that flitter in and out of fashion from season-to-season, but it’s always useful to know which style cues, cuts and colours are popular at any given time. In this article, we’re casting our eye back over some of the trends that defined 2014. Do any of them stick in your mind?


• ‘Athletic’ – One of the big catwalk trends of spring/summer 2014 was the so-called ‘athletic’ look. This trend saw models take to the catwalk in running shorts, dayglow tops and headbands – do you recall many of these making it into the average Joe’s everyday wardrobe? This trend screams ‘Zoolander’ to us. The closest we got to the athletic trend was wearing a pair of trainers with jeans…
• Detailing – A trend we’re far more comfortable with, the early months of 2014 were concerned with fine detailing. Subtle necklines and lapels were pored over at the world’s top fashion shows, while three-button suit jackets also caused a stir. These and other microtrends might have escaped the notice of many, but they certainly excite the fashion industry.
• Floral motifs – Practically every spring sees a new floral trend grace both catwalk and high street, but 2014’s was particularly outlandish. Bold patterns and bright colours were everywhere, even if most self-respecting blokes didn’t quite go for the Hawaiian-themed looks popular on the season’s catwalks.
• Blues – According to those in the know, the ‘in’ colour for spring/summer 2014 was blue. While blue remains a pretty timeless colour, we’re unlikely to see a repeat of the all-blue tonal ensembles that featured on the catwalks of early 2014.

• Orange and green – In a rather literal showing from the fashion industry, the colours of autumn/winter 2014 were decreed to be green and orange. Dull greens reflected the last damp foliage still clinging to the trees, while autumnal oranges were everywhere. A passing trend, few high-street fashionistas embraced this one.
• Rollnecks – The latter months of 2014 saw a return to prominence of the roll neck. Difficult to pull off and burdened with a rather negative reputation, rollnecks nevertheless became de rigueur for a short while. A black roll neck can look great under a grey tailored blazer, however.
• The brown suit – I’m sorry, did we say grey blazer? Our sincerest apologies. The suit colour du jour during autumn/winter 2014 was of course brown, although this trend was nowhere near as bad as it sounds. Subtle bronze shades and even muted off-whites became the formalwear shades of choice for many in the fashion industry, and tailor-made suits in these shades still look great today.
• Beardless wonders – Did the closing months of 2014 signal the end of the beard’s time in the spotlight? Many fashion houses chose clean-shaven models to star in their shows towards the end of 2014, but facial hair is still big in the street today.

Trends come and go, but a bespoke tailored suit remains a timeless garment suitable for countless formal and informal occasions. If you’d like to invest in an outfit that will remain in style regardless of the flimsy and ephemeral fashion trends, contact us to arrange a fitting appointment today.

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