When you wear a suit the aim is usually to look as suave as possible, taking every little detail into consideration to deliver a look which will catch eyes and turn heads. However in order to achieve this it’s not only your suit, shirt and tie combination that should be coordinated – you should also remain mindful of how the metals which make up your dress can impact your look.

We’ve taken a look at all of the varying pieces of metal that are likely to feature and how mindful you should remain in trying to bring them together to go with the rest of your suit.


When it comes to tie bars there aren’t any real rules as to the colour it should be or what it should match, however in order to allow it to slip seamlessly into your overall look then there are a few things you should consider. You can either match the colour of the tie bar to that if your cufflinks or go for something that compliments the colour of your shirt/tie. Regardless of what you opt for however the tie bar usually won’t look out of place unless you choose a design or colour which is overly garish.


Cufflinks can really add an air of sophistication to your look given the fact they are paired up with a double cuffed shirt. If you’re planning on going for cufflinks which are all silver or gold then you can match them to the colour of the metal on your wrist watch or belt buckle. On the other hand if you’re opting for cufflinks with a dash of colour then often complementing the colour of your tie or shirt is the best option.


There are numerous elements of a watch which need to be considered to ensure it fits in line with the look you’re going for. The strap of the watch itself is probably the most prominent part of it and so this is probably the part which you should pay most attention to. A silver bracelet is ideal for black suits but can work well with any colour, while gold, rose gold and silver are better suited to grey and blue suits.

Remember, if you’re wanting to go for a dressier look then opt for a watch with a leather strap and a minimalistic design.


Always remember, your wedding band isn’t a fashion statement and so you shouldn’t be looking to make it “work” with your look. People understand the connotations of the ring and therefore it isn’t expected to match anything in particular regardless of its look.


While matching the leather of the belt to your shoe is a pretty standard custom, not as much focus is often paid to the buckle itself. Silver buckles aren’t just a safer option but they also better suited to more formal looks. If you’re dressing for a less formal occasion than feel free to play around with the colour of your buckle but for many people silver is probably the best option.

So there you have it, a few simple ways of pairing your metals with the rest of your outfit. While there aren’t many rules which are set in stone, there are ways of helping your accessories fall in line with your look and complete your outfit.

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