You can thank leading fashion designers, good-looking celebrities, and Don Draper for the continued popularity of  made-to-measure suits. While the days of low-slung jeans and curiously coloured bomber jackets are yet to be completely forgotten, suits are now cool, sexy and modern again, and everybody knows it. Whereas the suit used to be something that was worn only for a special occasion or for work, the suit has now become the new way to rebel and stand up to the economy. With the rate of unemployment high, and sloppy, unflattering clothes wearing thin, society has realised that it’s time to sharpen up and dress to impress once more.

When we talk of ‘power dressing’, we’re not referring to the shoulder-padded garish suits of the ‘80s, but rather dressing to accentuate and flatter your figure, to make a good impression and exude confidence. In order to do this, you’ll need to get your suit style down to a ‘T’. Make no mistake, perfecting your look in a suit can be tricky, but with the right knowledge and helpful guidance, you’ll start turning all the right heads. Take on board our five rules of style to get you started…

#1. Ensure the suit fits perfectly

Even the world’s most expensive, stylish, on-trend suit, gifted to you by Valentino himself could look awful if it wasn’t tailored to fit your frame perfectly. It isn’t the price tag that makes a suit look cheap, it’s the fit; even if you’ve spent little to no money on a suit from the local supermarket, if you get the suit tailored to fit you well, it will look far more expensive.

#2. Consider your patterns and colours

With such a vast range of patterns and colours available when choosing the material for your made to measure  suit, it can be easy to get carried away. Some patterns can seem ‘cool’ and may even be in fashion – David Beckham might have sported a suit donning that particular pattern, for example. However, if you want to avoid having to buy a new suit every month or wasting money on a suit you only wear a handful of times, it’s better to go with classic, timeless patterns and colours. Herringbone or Glen plaid in muted shades can make an impression without the threat of going out of fashion.

#3. Don’t dismiss the waistcoat

Many men often assume that a three-piece suit should be reserved only for weddings, but if the waistcoat is well-fitted, cut close to the body and hemmed just to the belt line, it can be slimming. Waistcoats are also currently in fashion, and should they go out of fashion, it needn’t matter, as the suit can be worn with or without it.

#4. Avoid over accessorising

Our recent article on how to accessorise your suit highlights the importance of adding the finishing touches to your look, but too much of anything is never a good idea. You should be selective when choosing which accessories to wear with your made-to-measure suits, if you’re already wearing a tie pin, pocket square and cufflinks, you probably don’t need the tie-bar too…

#5. Remove all labels

The biggest giveaway that you’re not really the fashion icon your suit says you are? The label stitched to the left sleeve that you didn’t know to remove! It’s not there for decoration, it’s there to look special when you pick it up, but it must be removed immediately after purchase. Take care when you do, the last thing you want to do is cut a hole in your new, tailored suit!

The fantastic thing about the reborn popularity of the made-to-measure suit is that it can be styled to your particular taste and body shape, so it’s a trend that will suit just about anyone. If you’d like further fashion tips or advice on how to style your suit, explore the other blog posts available on our website. Alternatively, why not get in touch with one of our expert tailors today and begin plans for your fabulous new suit?

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