They say that the clothes maketh the man, and while in the case of our made-to-measure suits that’s undoubtedly true, it’s equally apposite to say that the man maketh the clothes, too. How you choose to wear your tailored suit from Hemingway Tailors will go a long way towards determining how good it looks in the eyes of a third party, so it’s worth bearing in mind our ironclad rules of style when it comes to dressing to impress. We’ve already given you five rules you’d do well to remember in future, but here are five more it’s important to bear in mind too; no-one ever said that dressing smart was easy!

#1: Empty your pockets

If you’re in the habit of carrying around all of your worldly possessions like some kind of turn of the century tinker, it’s time to leave the bulky wallet, keys and pocket change at home (or alternatively, in your girlfriend’s handbag!). Nothing ruins the line of a pair of tailored trousers like a wallet, so if you must carry belongings around with you when clad in your bespoke suit, be sure to stow them in your inside breast pockets or a bag with you instead.

#2: Accessorise carefully

Accessorising a suit can be difficult, but stylish individuals know that the right choice of accessories can set off a tailored suit to perfection. Sports watches, trainers and outlandish bling jewellery are undoubtedly out, while classy accoutrements such as leather belts, slim watches and tie bars are in. Just don’t overdo it...

#3: Make it match

When you are accessorising your bespoke tailored suit, make sure that you select accessories that match and don’t clash! A silver watch face with a gold belt buckle is a definite faux pas, for example, while a black tie with brown leather shoes would also be frowned upon. Keep it consistent and you can do no wrong,

#4: Remember tie etiquette

The last thing you want to happen when you arrive at a friend’s wedding, feeling all suave and sophisticated in your new tailored suit, is for someone to say ‘oh good the children’s entertainer has arrived’ and usher you over to the marquee in the garden. The wrong choice of tie can ruin even the finest suit, while the right selection can set your look off perfectly, so take a look at our 'when to wear ties guide' to ensure you make the correct style decision in future.

#5: Formal and informal

There’s a difference between formal and informal dress, of course, and while a tailored jacket can happily straddle the boundary between both it pays to know when each style is required. Turning up to a strictly formal even with your bespoke shirt untucked, your face unshaven and your tie two buttons loose is guaranteed to earn you a few well-deserved snarky looks.

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way you can get by to wearing your tailored suits with aplomb - you look most dashing, sir. 

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