London Fashion Week was one of the most star-studded and diverse we’ve seen in long while, attracting an array of celebrities and featuring a wide range of tailoring trends and styles. With so many fashion designers coming from all over the world, it was expected that there would be a number of new styles to take note of, but with each show so different from the last, it was both overwhelming and exciting to see just how many trends we can expect to catch off the catwalks and on the high street this year. However, one theme that did seem to run throughout each show was the need for well-tailored pieces to really set off a look.

 Silk paisley and striped shirts were paired with smart tailored trousers, loafers and tailored jackets to create chic looks for both men and women suitable for wear in and out of the office. Teaming fashionable shirts with tailored trousers immediately creates a versatile look and can be quickly taken from day to night with the addition of a few accessories. While women can add a statement necklace or swap flats for heels when heading out straight from the office, men can take off their ties, unbutton their collars and add more casual jackets.

While some fashion shows can reveal models draped in more fabric than is needed, London Fashion Week showcased many looks that accentuated svelte figures, suggesting that this spring we should focus on including waist belts with our tailored dresses, jackets that cut off at the hips to highlight curves and for men, fitted suit jackets and shirts alongside well-tailored trousers.

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