If you’ve ever thought that wearing a tailored suit as a woman would make you look masculine, London Fashion Week should have well and truly proved you wrong. As hundreds of designers and fashionistas alike gathered in London to showcase their styles and upcoming trends, we noticed many taking a style that was once reserved for men and adding exciting feminine twists. Suits are no longer black and white or masculine, they can now be chic, colourful and ever so girly. 

While many women in the past have worn suits in an attempt to look masculine or go for an androgynous look, now women will be wearing suits in their own way to make them look fresh and feminine. Topshop were one of the first we noticed to team a tailored pink coat with matching, fitted trousers and a buttoned-up white silk shirt, taking an office look to the catwalk and diminishing any latent masculinity whatsoever. Other designers paired tailored jackets and smart shirts with skinny trousers and over the knee, heeled boots, introducing a new and feminine way to look both smart and sexy, yet feel comfortable and confident.

 What LFW also proved was that even when clothes are tailored and well fitted or structured, they can still be fun and flexible. Many worry that a made-to-measure suit would be uncomfortable but they are created to be quite the opposite. The catwalk models showed just how fun wearing a suit is and just how adventurous you can be with one. Whether you mix and match accessories or piece smart tailored items with the more casual items in your wardrobe, you can enjoy trying new, feminine looks this spring. If you’d like to invest in a tailored suit or would like some expert advice from one of our professional tailors, get in touch today.

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