Wedding season is on its way. If you’re expecting an invitation to fall through your letterbox in the near future, your thoughts have probably turned towards what you’re going to wear for the couple’s big day. Although weddings are all about the bride and groom, no-one wants to turn up looking shabby and unkempt! Getting the perfect wedding outfit is a daunting task, particularly if you’re set to sit at the top table! There are a number of golden rules that continue to dictate our choices of wedding outfits. If in doubt, stick to a tailored suit – you can’t really go wrong with that!

#1: Knee length (or longer) dresses

Even at the height of summer, wedding outfits should still reach the knee! Weddings aren’t the place to draw attention to yourself – even if the dress code says that smart casual (or even casual) is acceptable, you still need to go for knee length or below. Similarly, adventurous necklines or dresses that show off a bit too much cleavage are hardly suitable for family occasions such as weddings.

#2: No white or black (or green or red?)

Wearing white is the ultimate wedding faux pas! We don’t need to explain why. Black is almost as much of a no-go area. Black is obviously associated with mourning – so at traditional weddings, or weddings with strict dress codes, it’s probably best to avoid. Green is also said to bring bad luck to the couple, and red is also a little bit risky (or should that be risqué?). Of course, many weddings these days have more relaxed dress codes and you’re less likely to receive a glare from the bride’s mother for wearing one of these controversial colours.

#3: Find out what the bridesmaids are wearing!

It’s not just the above colours that you need to avoid – find out what colour the bridesmaids are wearing and be sure to avoid it at all costs!

#4: Casual doesn’t mean casual

If you think you’ve lucked out when you see that the invitation reads ‘casual dress,’ then you’d be wrong! Sure, your outfit can be relatively casual for your average wedding, but jeans, a T-shirt and trainers are still off limits. Smart casual may well be more acceptable. A smart dress or dress top with suitable, formal shoes, smart trousers or tights is probably what the couple has in mind.

#5: Think about the evening

It’s not just the ceremony that you need to plan your outfit around – it also needs to be comfortable enough to wear for the duration of the reception, too. Take some flats with you and ensure that your dress or suit will remain comfortable throughout the evening.

#6: Don’t outshine the bride

This rule will always stand. Don’t wear anything too showy. There’s a lot of difference between a pretty floral dress and a floor length silk gown. The latter implies that you’re deliberately trying to show off, and thus take attention away from the bride.

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