The visit of the British Royal Family to another country is designed to strengthen ties between the two nations, improve the monarchy’s standing and sell the merits of the UK to the world. However, when it’s the Duchess of Cambridge who goes on tour, most of the commentary focuses on what she’s wearing. Even if Hemingway Tailors embarked on a multi-million pound advertising campaign, we wouldn’t be able to sell tailored suits anywhere near as effectively as Kate Middleton. On the Royals’ recent tour of Australia and New Zealand, Kate’s fashion choices were as perfect as ever. Here at Hemingway Tailors’ headquarters, one outfit particularly earned our nods of approval: the red suit she wore in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Duchess’s red tailored suit featured contrasting black buttons and belt, with the suit jacket flaring out slightly below the waist. The skirt, in matching red, went down to the knee, with suggestions that the skirt had been lengthened by a couple of inches since its last outing three years ago. The quality and striking design of the suit spoke for itself – Kate paired it with very few accessories, except for a simple black clutch bag and some pearl earrings.

The colours of the tailored suit match the colours of Christchurch, the earthquake affected city that the Duchess and Prince William were visiting. The locals appreciated the Duchess’s nods to the city – particularly when she stepped in to play some cricket. Christchurch is the host of the next Cricket World Cup, and the Duchess’ tailored skirt still allowed her to play some shots.

If you’d like to follow Kate’s lead and invest in a made-to-measure tailored suit for the office or for an upcoming wedding, book an appointment with one of our expert tailors. 

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