Whether we think we do or not, a subconscious first impression is made of someone within just a few seconds of meeting. We have little to base this decision on, the way they entered the room, a smile but really it is what a person is wearing that we tend to notice first.

The fleeting glance we make when we first meet someone is considered the first impression, and making a ‘good one’, is vital. Whether you’re at a meeting, networking event or, especially, an interview, one way to ensure a good first impression is through the clothes that you wear, and a well fitted suit can help you exude confidence and professionalism – which are valuable traits to have in the business world!

The elements of a classic business suit for men are a well tailored jacket, a well fitted trouser, a shirt: white, cream or light blue, a good belt, a tie and possibly a waistcoat.

For women, a fitted jacket, skirt or a fitted trouser, and a blouse are are great option. Rarely do women wear ties, though a silk scarf can work very well. Women also tend to have more choice when it comes to colour, a deep red, purple or even green material can look great. 

Accessories are also very important and can really complete an outfit. Men should wear a silk tie, cufflinks and a belt as a minimum, a pocket square is not essential although a nice extra touch for special occasions. Jewellery on both men and women should be modest with subtle colours to keep the overall look professional.

Most business suits don’t go out of fashion so it’s an investment worth making as it will be one outfit that will stand the test of time and see you through the next few years of meetings and special events.

Our suits are made-to-measure meaning you can ensure a perfect fit because the garment is created to your exact measurements, although we do have ready to wear options too. 

made-to-measure suit from Hemingway Tailors is a great choice if you want to invest in a high quality suit made just for you. You’ll also have the benefit of a wider selection of cloths, colours and patterns to choose from – in fact no shop in the world can offer the choice of materials or indeed style as an experienced tailor!

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced tailors at a day and time to suit you and your lifestyle.

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