Wherever they go, cyclists have a rather difficult time – whether they’re dealing with road rage, a lack of bike lanes or the fact that they have to change out of their Lycra outfits when they get into work or risk ruining a perfectly good tailored suit if they decide not to change at all. That’s why Vaughn Brown, owner of a fashion company based in San Francisco, has designed the so-called ‘commuter suit.’

The commuter suit was created to be both comfortable to wear whilst cycling and smart enough to wear to work, which is why Brown has combined the look of a well-tailored two-piece with the stretch of workout clothes. He decided to take a basic suit and alter it by adding a diamond piece of fabric in the crotch instead of a four way seam to provide flexibility and extra comfort, two strips of rubber in the waistband of the trousers to help keep dress shirts tucked in, and trouser legs that can be rolled up and fastened with a button to keep them from getting caught in the spokes. The jacket of the suit is lined with mesh that stretches across the wearer’s back, and reflective strips are hidden under the collar and cuffs for extra visibility at night.

Brown has certainly discovered a niche market, but we’re not entirely sure how likely it is that cyclists will want to stay in the clothes they have worked up a sweat in on the way into the office. If you’d rather spend your money on a well-tailored suit you can’t wait to change into after you’ve showered, why not consider giving one of the professional tailors at Hemingway a call and book your first appointment today?

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