Bespoke suits are the height of sartorial excellence. These handcrafted garments take dozens of hours to create from scratch, and the result is the finest of suits with a perfect fit that exactly matches the individual’s preferences, wants and needs. While grabbing an off-the-rack suit from your local high street will take only a few minutes, a bespoke tailored suit may take several fittings spread across a month or so to perfect. The time investment may be more significant, but it’s clear that the end result is more than worth it. We’re tailors in Leeds and on Savile Row, capable of constructing bespoke tailored suits for hundreds of clients each year. We pride ourselves on the quality of the end result. However, we recognise that not everyone wants to visit a tailors in order to attend a suit fitting. As befits the quality of our service, it’s only right that we offer to come to you. Our visiting tailor service is popular with our clients – and it might be the best option for you too.


Many of our clients are busy politicians or business people who simply can’t find the time to visit a tailor during working hours. It’s much easier for us to arrange an appointment with you, at your workplace, at home, or at a hotel and at a time that suits you. If evenings or weekends are the only times you’re free, we’re more than happy to provide a visiting tailor appointment within these hours.


Getting to central Leeds or central London is easier for some of us than for others. If you’d rather not have to deal with the journey, then don’t abandon your dream of a tailored suit. A visiting tailor can come to you instead, and provide the full tailor’s experience in the comfort of your own home. Travelling takes time and costs money – we don’t blame you if you’d much rather one of our expert tailors made the journey instead!


An initial consultation and even subsequent fittings can be daunting prospects, particularly if this is the first time you’ve ever considered purchasing a tailored suit. During your first consultation, you’ll have to make numerous choices. We find that new clients feel more comfortable making these choices if they’re in a familiar environment. In addition, an appointment at your home won’t feel as rushed as an appointment at work or out and about. We all feel more relaxed at home, and you’ll feel happy to take your time when making decisions about cut, fabric choices and personalisation. Members of your family even have the chance to add their own input to your choices.

Overall, a visiting tailor service provides the complete tailoring experience but in a location and at a time of your choosing. If you’d be interested in taking advantage of Hemingway Tailors’ visiting tailor service, arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

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