Politicians need to be wary about how they how dress – western male politicians almost invariably stick to navy blue, black or dark grey suits as standard, and the occasional venture into any other colour is met with confusion or amusement (see: Obama’s tan suit). Current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is renowned for his sense of style. He usually opts for a kurta, worn underneath a waistcoat. However, it was one of Modi’s bespoke suits that got the most international attention.

Modi famously wore the suit when President Obama visited India earlier this year – at first glance, it looks a well-fitted navy suit with gold pinstripes, but if you look closer, you’ll see that the suit takes ‘bespoke’ to a whole new level. Each pinstripe consists of a string of letters spelling out his name over and over again. Modi wasn’t the first political leader to sport this look – former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak had the same idea. However, there was mild outrage in India when it was estimated that the suit would have cost more than £1 million rupees (£10,400).

While Modi’s bespoke suit may be one of the most controversial in existence, the PM later decided to auction it off for charity, with the funds used to help clean up the heavily polluted Ganges river. Modi seems to have successfully shrugged off the negative press he received with his odd bespoke suit and turned it into a positive PR move.

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