A bespoke suit is the ultimate in luxury tailoring, and is something every professional should have in his or her wardrobe. Lasting for years and suitable for a range of occasions, a handmade bespoke suit is an investment worth making. The step-by-step bespoke tailoring processes involved in their construction show the care taken to make sure that your bespoke suit is a truly unique garment. We take a look at how a bespoke suit is made…

 Deciding whether bespoke tailoring or made-to-measure is best for you

Made-to-measure is a great option for many of our clients, with pre-cut suit pieces in hundreds of different fabrics and some select styles available to be tailored to your individual shape. However, the bespoke option delivers infinitesimal possibilities regarding fabric choice, style and fit. A true master tailor takes note of the smallest details to make your suit completely unique and individual.

 Appointment service

Wherever you are, we can come to you. We offer a call-out service as well as fitting options at our premises in Leeds and Saville Row, so your suit can be made to fit your schedule as well as your body. Initial consultations mean that your requirements are discussed with the input of a master tailor, ensuring that the best combination is delivered.

 Measure: check, make: check, fit: check…

Once your requirements have been taken down, it’s time for the measurements. We don’t just mean the usual leg length, shoulder width or cuff measurements, however – the slightest difference in leg length between left and right, the idiosyncrasies of your gait and a million other things will be noted by your tailor. A master tailor will focus on every measurement – as well as every curve and line – to make sure the fabric sits perfectly on your body.

 Take a stroll

How a suit fits is not just about how it looks on you while you’re standing up. Fabric should move with the body as you walk, not ruck and ride. A bespoke suit is made to fit your precise measurements, allowing for your personal gait – a tailor will watch you walk and take note of your stride, your stance, even how your arms move. These small details are where bespoke suits stand out from the rest: the quality can be seen as well as felt, with smooth lines matching every movement.

 Perfection takes time

Creating a bespoke suit is not a quick process. The time investment in a unique suit is a minimum of 55 hours, but will often take a lot longer as the finer points are altered to your exacting requirements. A minimum of 12 weeks is recommended to make sure that the suit is perfect, allowing for as many fittings and alterations as you wish.

 If you would like to find out more about the bespoke tailoring service we offer at Hemingway Tailors, please visit our website and discover the huge variety of options available for a unique and quality suit. 

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