Despite being professionals in men’s tailoring, Hemingway also offer the very best of tailoring for women and can provide a range of bespoke suits, shirts, coats and more.

Our women’s tailoring service offers the opportunity for ladies to create their own unique and formal wardrobe, no matter what the occasion or event might be. However, not only do we offer suits, we also offer separate garments such as skirts, trousers, jackets and ladies shirts.

Hemingway offer two unique services for women’s tailoring - a made-to-measure service which we also offer to men and a personal styling service. Whether you are looking for a ladies suit or just a single garment, we can help you to find the perfect look no matter what your requirements may be.


Previously when it came to the high street, many women were getting frustrated with the limited range and fit of ladies suits, which is why we decided to implement a ladies made-to-measure service to ensure that the possibilities were endless. Our ladies made-to-measure tailoring consists of choosing a pre-made suit pattern from a sample of garments which is then altered based on your particular preferences and measurements. We then tailor this to your body shape and provide you with a wide range of fabric and detail options to create the perfect suit for you.


Hemingway understand that choosing the right suit can be daunting and sometimes confusing, especially when it comes to womenswear. That’s why we have teamed up with experienced personal stylists who know everything there is to know about tailoring and what will work best for each and every woman who needs a little help and guidance. Our personal styling service is currently available in London, Leeds, Manchester and other surrounding counties.

Now you’re aware of the services we offer for women, here’s Hemingway’s guide on how to wear a women’s suit...


Formal ladies trousers are available in many varieties and these include straight-leg, bootcut and cigarette styles. When choosing your trousers, go for the style that will best suit your body type and flatter your body shape. However, it is important to always be aware of the length of the trousers. If your trousers bunch up at the bottom, take them to a tailors such as ourselves at Hemingway who will be able to rectify this. When selecting the right colour, dark colours such as black, navy or grey are ideal, however neutral colours such as beige, brown or cream can also work well.


The one thing to bear in mind when it comes to formal skirts for business is the length. Ideally, your skirt should finish around your knees or possibly below. Never have your skirt above your knees, as this isn’t particularly acceptable for formalwear or office attire. As well as this, make sure that any slits in the skirt do not come up too high and that the skirt isn’t too tight so you can feel comfortable when wearing it. For business-wear, pencil skirts or A-line skirts are the best options.


Ladies shirts are just one of the garments we can tailor here at Hemingway. Available in a range of colours, patterns and materials, our women’s shirts can be tailored to suit your body and provide you with a comfortable garment. If you don’t regularly wear shirts, you may want to go for neutral colours such as black or white then gradually work in soft tones or deep hues into your wardrobe if you want to try something different.


If you’re opting for a dress to wear with a suit jacket, this should be well-fitted and not too tight. The length should also be the same as the skirt length, which is either around the knees or slightly below and the same goes for any slits in the material. Usually if you’re wearing a suit jacket with your dress, you may want to go for a sleeveless dress rather than a short or long-sleeved dress as your suit jacket may not fit around the arms depending on the material of the suit jacket or the dress.


Whether you’re wearing your suit jacket with a skirt or trousers, it is always best to keep the jacket simple with a neutral colour and plain fabric. Also, ensure that all decorative details are kept to a minimum and make sure that the jacket fits you correctly in all the important places such as the arms, torso and especially the shoulders as these are the hardest part of the suit jacket to tailor.

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