There are occasions when even celebrities get their looks quite wrong, and they’ll appear in magazines and online gossip sites for all the wrong reasons. Most of the time however, the expert tailors and subtle stylists of the world’s rich and famous insure that they always look their best. A favourite staple of the world’s most glamorous celebs is the tailored suit – as long as the fit is perfect and the style is suitable for the individuals, they can’t go wrong. At Hemingway Tailors we have a number of clients come to us with images of their ideal suit, and more often than not, their inspiration comes from the world of celebrity. We’ve taken some our favourite celebrities and examined their tailored suit looks to create a how-to guide to wearing a tailored suit like a star…

Solid colour shirt and tie

Christoph Waltz is rarely seen wearing anything other than a fantastic suit – unless of course he’s starring in one of his blockbusters – but why would he wear anything else when he looks so good in a made-to-measure suit? Waltz is known for teaming a solid colour shirt – often black, white or pastel coloured – with a solid colour tie (usually black) and a grey suit. His suit style is classic, but it his simple colours that work so well with the grey of his suit. Waltz is living proof that a little injection of colour can help to make a plain grey suit pop.

White shirt, patterned tie

Bradley Cooper could look good in just about anything, but when he spruces himself up for a premiere he is rarely without a patterned tie. A patterned tie can bring just enough personality and interest to an otherwise plain but smart suit. Currently, small and intricate patterns are in fashion, so opting for a miniscule polkadot or paisley patterned tie to a crisp white shirt will look great. Cooper will often wear a waistcoat too, highlighting his trim figure and working perfectly with his patterned tie.

Patterned shirt, solid colour tie

If you already own a patterned shirt you want to make the most of with your newly tailored suit, then we suggest you take a leaf out of Justin Timberlake’s book and sport it with a solid colour tie. The bravest of celebrities and fashionistas will attempt to mix and match patterns but it rarely works, so play it safe yet cool and stylish by teaming your patterned shirt with a black tie. You could try to pick another colour out of the pattern and try something a little more playful by sporting a coloured tie with your shirt, but if you’re opting for this look, your suit should be slim fitting and classic in style.

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