Colours are no longer subjective to gender. Fortunately, the shades of salmon, fuchsia and magenta do not define one's masculinity or femininity and if women can flaunt a blue tailored suit, men can sport a pink shirt. 

Not only can a pink shirt look fashion-forward, but it also shows an emission of confidence which we all know adds to the essence of an outfit. Pink may not seem like an easy colour to pull off, but luckily for you, Hemingway has compiled some handy tips. 

Match your tone

Pink can be a daring colour to pull off due to its similarities with some complexions, which is why gents need to find a shade of pink that complements their skin tone. In most cases, men with a light cool skin tone are enriched by wearing warm pink tones, such as peach and salmon as it adds a little warmth to a cool, pale complexion.

Light, warm skin tones should choose a darker pink, such as rose, so the shirt does not match too closely to the complexion. Those with a natural olive should consider darker, cooler pinks such as cranberry. To complement a darker skin tone consider a light, acing blush colour. 

The shades of pink to avoid

At Hemingway, we are all for embracing the colour pink in all elements of an outfit, but there are some shades of pink we suggest you avoid. Shun the marshmallow and hubba bubba shades and embrace the warmer pink tones such as coral, peach, raspberry and rose as they flatter most skin tones and can be paired with most colours. 

What to pair with your shirt 

The soft and subtle tone of the colour pink makes it a good match for most outfits and colours. Because it is a neutral shade, it can be paired with dark colours such as black, grey and navy as well as light colours such as white, cream and pastel colours. 

However, it’s important to get the style on point. Complement your chosen pink shirt with a pair of slim trousers, a tailored suit jacket in the same shade as your trousers and classic shoes, such as loafers, brogues or Oxfords. Keep your shirt tucked in and add a belt, in the same shade as your shoes, to emit a polished look. 

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