There’s no denying that a Hemingway tailored suit can make a big difference to the way that you both look and feel. The perfect fit, the stylish cut and the fine material are all elements that will get you noticed for all of the right reasons. Every man and woman ought to have at least one tailored suit in their wardrobe, but quality can be costly, so it is worth taking care of.

To ensure you get the most wear out of your made to measure suit, you must treat it respectfully. How many times do you return from a long day at work or a late night work and throw your clothes on the floor or over the couch? If you want your suit to look fantastic every time you wear it, bundling it onto a hanger after you’ve worn it won’t cut it. You need to not only consider how you store it, but how you wear, clean and dry it. Here are our top tips on how best to take care of your tailored suit...

Dry clean - You might expect us to stress the importance of having your suit dry cleaned on a regular basis, but in fact, we’re about to do the opposite. Dry cleaning your suit too often can be very damaging. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can damage the natural fibres of wool or cotton in your suit, thinning and weakening them, causing the material to wear down and appear worn in places. If your suit is dirty, it is better to have it steam cleaned - but only on occasion.

Brush - Most dirt accumulated from a day’s wear can easily be brushed off, rather than dry cleaned. Just brushing down your jacket and trousers with a soft-bristled brush will remove any dust or dirt and leave it clean and ready to hang in your wardrobe. Always brush in the same direction and avoid over-brushing.

Press - If you’ve worn your suit and managed to keep it clean but it is suffering from a few unsightly creases, then all you need to do is press it. Many make the mistake of having their suits dry or steam cleaned, simply because it was looking a little wrinkled - this is how you end up weakening the fabric. Simply pressing your suit will bring it back to its crisp finest.

Protect - When storing your suit in your wardrobe until its next use, it goes without saying that you must hang it up. Hanging it on a wide wooden hanger will help maintain its shape, and placing it carefully back in its suit bag will protect it from moths and the fibres of other clothes in your wardrobe. Make sure you always zip the bag up and check that is is not touching the floor.

Wear - It’s understandable that you would want to wear your favourite suit everyday, but as with anything if you use it too much it will wear out quicker, so try to save your specially tailored suit for important occasions. It is best to leave your suit at least a day before wearing it again, to give it time to recover and regain shape naturally. If you wish to wear a tailored suit every day, you know where to go...

At Hemingway Tailors, we tailor our suits to you and your lifestyle. We use only the finest of fabrics and the best standard of workmanship to create for you a suit you’ll want to cherish. To explore your bespoke options or for further advice on made to measure suits, get in touch or enjoy reading some of our other blog posts.

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