If you consider yourself to be someone who follows the latest style trends, you’ll no doubt have spotted that the latest staple piece is once again the roll neck (or polo neck) jumper. If you’re ahead of the curve and have already purchased yourself a roll neck or are looking forward to trying the look out yourself, here are some tips on how to style the roll neck for both men and women whether you are working from home or out and about.

Pair with your Peacoat

Oozing effortless style has never been easier thanks to the roll neck. You need only pop it on with a pair of smart jeans and boots and layer your heavy peacoat over the top to create a chic look that will keep you warm and doesn’t take two seconds to throw on. Got a last minute date or struggling to find an outfit for casual Friday? The roll neck will save you, and thanks to your thick peacoat you needn’t worry about a jacket either.

Go cropped

This tip primarily for women, because although a few men have tried to make the cropped top look work for them, it hasn’t quite taken off yet. Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of pairing a roll neck cropped top with her high-waisted shorts and pencil skirts, as it leaves little room for tummy to be shown but creates a fantastic figure. Grab your mac for a rainy day or layer you tailored suit jacket over the top, but ensure it nips in at the waist!

Try it large

You’ll find that there will be a variety of styles of roll neck on the shelves, each one suitable for different looks. The large roll neck, for example, will be thicker and therefore wider at the neck and cannot really be paired with a suit jacket, as the look is far more casual and could appear odd in combination. However, pairing it with your jeans or a textured skirt would make for a perfect casual look for a weekend walk or a cosy day working from home.

Suit up

Roll necks are a great alternative to a shirt when you want to look smart but not too formal. Wearing a dark grey or khaki green roll neck with your tailored suit will make for a perfect office or work from home look. It’s also the ideal day-to-night look, as you won’t be overdressed for a casual date. The look won’t work, however, if the suit is ill fitting and the roll neck too big, so ensure your suit is made-to-measure and the roll neck is a snug size!

Go hell for leather

We saw Steve McQueen pull off a roll neck and a leather jacket dozens of times, and there’s no reason why you can’t try it either. A well-fitted roll neck, dark in colour, paired with jeans and a leather jacket, or for women, paired with a leather pencil or mini skirt, will add edge to an otherwise classically smart look.

The key to pulling off any look is ensuring that your clothes fit you well and flatter your figure, and you can be sure you always have a stunning outfit in the bag if you invest in a tailored or made-to-measure suit. If you’re interested in adding a staple piece to your wardrobe, contact one of our professional tailors today and we can arrange your first fitting.


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