There’s nothing that says ‘class’ and ‘luxury’ quite like a sharply-tailored bespoke suit. Quality of this order can come with a premium price tag, however, so you’ll want to get the longest possible life span out of your latest style investment before purchasing a replacement. Unlike off-the-peg clothing, tailored suits are handmade to guarantee quality and durability, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t last you for many years - if they’re properly looked after. These five aftercare disasters can make a beautiful and expensive suit look cheap and nasty in no time, however...

Clean it too often / not often enough

Over the course of the average day it’s only natural to expect your bespoke suit to become a little dirty. It’s a common misconception, however, that a dirty suit must be dry-cleaned every time. The dry cleaning process uses harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate natural fibres of a suit, so instead of dry cleaning your garments all the time you should look to gently brush the day’s dirt away and occasionally steam clean your suit when required. It goes without saying that failing to clean your suit often enough will leave you looking scruffy rather than suave, so an appropriate balance must be struck!

Store it incorrectly

What do you do with your made-to-measure suit when it’s not draped elegantly over your shoulders? You certainly don’t sling it over the back of the bedpost, hang it on a coat hook or drape it over the back of a chair. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your new suit, so you must strive to keep it as clean and crease-free as possible at all times. You need to hang it up in your wardrobe, full-length in its storage bag. Don’t just use any old hanger, either - pick one broad enough to provide support through the shoulders without any bumps or protrusions that could distend the delicate fabric.

Iron it at the wrong temperature

It would be impossible to prevent your bespoke suit from becoming creased at some stage throughout its life, however, so inevitably there will come a time when you need to do something about those unsightly lines, wrinkles and creases. Wait just one cotton-pickin’ second before you reach for the ironing board, however! Ever see those suits with shiny patches on the trousers and along the seams of the jacket? Ironing a suit at the wrong temperature can cause the delicate fibres to melt or burn, ruining the finish of the suit. Before you press your suit, be sure to set your iron to the appropriate temperature for the material and iron the suit with a damp tea towel underneath to remove the heat from the fabric and reduce creasing as far as possible.

Accessorise it badly

OK, so poor accessorising won’t destroy a suit in the same way that these other aftercare no-nos can, but it will ruin the appearance of your luxury purchase just as effectively! A gaudy watch, excessively loud tie or poor-quality pair of shoes will detract from the subtlety and elegance of your bespoke suit, so you need to select your accessories with care. Otherwise, that’s an expensive investment effectively wasted!

Wear it too frequently

Of course, it can be tempting to wear your bespoke suit as often as possible - after all, not all of your garments are as well-made or stylish as this one! The thing is, you don’t want to become known as ‘that guy who always wears a suit’ and, at the same time, you don’t want to ruin your favourite outfit through excessive wear. Daily wear and tear will inevitably wear out even the best-made bespoke suit, so if you really do have cause to wear a made-to-measure suit every day, make sure there’s more than one in your wardrobe!

By avoiding these five aftercare no-nos, you can be sure to keep your bespoke suit looking its best for years. 

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