Rolling up your shirt sleeves is something that most men don’t particularly think about in great detail. There are several reasons for men doing so, but believe it or not, there are actually also several ways to do this.

Before we explain what these are, lets go back to when rolling up shirt sleeves first started…

Men first started rolling up their sleeves many years ago when taking part in physical labour and didn’t want to get their sleeves dirty or wet. They also did this as a way to give off a more relaxed look when cooling off after a long, hard day.

Today, rolling up your shirt sleeves is considered a modern fashion statement and is still done to indicate a relaxed mood, freedom of movement or simply to bare your arms during a hot day.

Depending on what look you’re going for, you can easily apply any kind of sleeve roll-up to suit the occasion or reason for rolling up your sleeves.

Before you begin with any type of sleeve rolling, make sure you undo the buttons on the cuff and the gauntlet of your shirt, so the sleeve is easier to roll. Now, you should be all set and ready to begin…


This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to roll up your sleeves. To do this, fold the sleeve back about the width of the cuff and fold again so the sleeve is just below your elbow. You can also roll it further back so that the sleeve goes just to your elbow, however this can be a little awkward to move your arms.


This sleeve roll is ideal if your shirt has a coloured design or pattern under the cuff. Roll the sleeves up to two widths of the cuff and smooth the fabric out to take out the folds and any minor creases. Then, roll up the bottom covering the cuff but leaving the top of it exposed. To undo the fold, hold the edge of the cuff and pull it down. This creates a very neat and tidy look, and is often considered the best way to roll up your shirt sleeves.


The Italian sleeve roll is a noticeable yet simple method to try on both casual and formal shirts. First, fold back your cuff and pull it back to just below your elbow. Then, take the bottom of the sleeve and fold it up. Easy to do and very stylish.


This can work with either long sleeves or three quarter length sleeves, so works well with almost any shirt. To begin, put your hand into the sleeve and slightly pinch the fabric half way up. Using your other hand, roll the sleeve inside out up to the shoulder seam and flatten the sleeve out. Then, roll the sleeve up halfway to the bottom of the turned out cuff, then roll a third time to cover the entire cuff. You can leave the top part of the cuff exposed if it has a contrasting colour or design that can only be seen when the cuff is turned back


Do - Make sure your sleeves on both arms are rolled up to the same length when you carry out any sleeve roll, as this can look a bit odd if the lengths aren’t the same

Don’t - Wear rolled up sleeves with a tie, as rolled up sleeves give off a more casual look whereas a tie is more formal, so avoid mixing the two together

Do - Iron or press your shirt before you roll the sleeves up to remove any creases and to keep your look neat and tidy

Don’t - Leave your shirt sleeves folded when putting a jacket on over the top. This can make your look more bulky and a bit awkward, so always roll the sleeves back down when slipping on a jacket

All of these methods of rolling up your shirt sleeves are different and unique in their own ways, and are perfect for adding a more laid-back look to your outfit.

Don’t be scared of experimenting and trying out all of these methods - have a go at each and see which you prefer. Remember, the length of your sleeves and how they are rolled can have a huge impact on your outfit, so it is important that you roll them up the right way and in a way that matches your overall look.

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