We all love a long weekend, and thankfully April and May serve us up with a couple. So whether you plan to take a break over Easter or make the most of the May Day holiday, the extra day(s) off will certainly allow you to have a good time.
Before you can go off and enjoy your time however, you’ll need to pack all your essentials for the trip to really make the most of it. That’s why we’ve looked at how you should pack for a variety of getaway ideas.
When it comes to enjoying a long weekend, it doesn’t necessarily meaning leaving the country. As matter of fact you can just as easily enjoy it on domestic shores. We’ve categorised what you should pack according to the 3 most common weekend breaks.

A city break

If you’re planning a weekend city break with friends or family then you’ll want to maintain an air of versatility with your choice of clothing. While you’ll most likely want something comfortable to wear during the day, an evening dinner with the family or social outing with friends will most often require a sharper choice of outfit teamed up with stylish accessories.
Pack a couple of tailored shirts which will work well with either chinos or jeans, depending on your mood, and a blazer in case the evening is a little cooler. Take a comfortable pair of shoes (loafers are ideal with the weather warming up) and you’ll be all set for a slick, but not overly dressy weekend.

A country getaway

For those hoping to have a quieter break, you might opt for a countryside retreat. What you pack will depend on how you plan on getting by for the few nights. Will you be camping by traditional means in a tent or hiring out a cabin for a few nights?
Camping in a tent can get messy so you’ll want to keep your best garments at home. Cabins on the other hand allow you more space to store your clothes which will help to ensure their kept in a decent condition. A great way to settle in to your countryside surroundings is with a little tweed. It’s the material of choice for many farmers and hunters so will have you feeling at home in no time.

A coastal escape

Heading to the coast for the weekend can throw up the biggest complications in terms of which clothing to take with you. This is primarily because the coastal breeze can make the temperature feel a lot cooler than it would further inland.
To make sure you’re set for any weather we’d recommend taking clothes you can layer up as opposed to items which provide warmth by themselves. Think about slipping on a sleeveless pull over sweater over a breathable cotton shirt. This will allow you enough protection if the weather cools down while also giving you the option to remove the pull over if it’s warm.
If you consider yourself being fashion-forward then you might also want to try adding suit shorts to your outfit. They aren’t for everyone though so give them a try with a simple outfit such as a polo shirt and a pair of loafers to see how they look.

Pack and enjoy

While it ian’t a definitive guide, we hope that’s helped to give an idea on how you can best pack to make the most of your long weekend break and stay looking your very best.

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