A well made bespoke suit can last a lifetime, thanks to the careful and intricate hand stitching, quality fabrics and expert finishing, which is why they are such a sound investment. As they are made to fit, there is no risk of the bottom of your suit trousers dragging and becoming torn or your cuffs becoming scuffed – these are suits that are made to withstand everyday wear and tear. Of course, there are a few things you can do to ensure your suit stays in perfect condition, so take a look at this guide to help you protect your investment…

Only dry clean twice a year

You might like the way your suit looks when you get it back from the dry cleaners, but if you dry clean your suit too often, you’ll only cause the fabric to fade. If your suit needs a wash, wash it only by hand (never in the washing machine) and simply hang it up to air dry. Your suit should only be dry cleaned once or twice a year, any more and you’ll simply damage it.

Never use harsh detergents

Using harsh detergents when hand washing your suit can cause the fabric to become discoloured and can weaken sensitive areas of the suit, such as the knees of the trousers. If you must wash your suit by hand, only use very mild soaps and cold water. It’s worth researching the fabric used to make your suit or asking your tailor for advice, as various fabrics can react differently to certain temperatures and washing techniques.

Don’t wear it every day

As much as you might want to wear your suit every day – and you can if you want to – you’re better off having another suit you can wear every now and then to give your bespoke suit a break! When purchasing a bespoke suit, it’s always worth buying an extra pair of trousers or finding another pair of trousers that match the jacket and having them tailored, rather than made bespoke. This way your expensive pair is bound to last much longer!

Always steam iron

There’s no point in risking ironing your suit, as certain fabrics will not take kindly to such direct heat. To remove creases, simply steam iron instead or hang in a steam-filled bathroom for an hour or two. Steam ironing is far gentler way to get rid of creases and keeps the fabric protected. To avoid getting creases in the first place, always hang your suit up properly at the end of the day!

Keep it in the bag

Your bespoke suit will be delivered to you in a bag that is designed to protect it, so it makes sense to keep it in there whenever you are not wearing it! If you’re hanging your suit up in your cupboard along with other clothes and even shoes, keeping your suit in its bag will prevent it from developing a musty smell or from becoming dirty or fluffy. The bag will also protect it from moths that might damage the fabric over time.

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