Last week saw GQ release their annual list of the world’s best dressed men with British model and actor Eddie Redmayne retaining his spot at number 1. The Oscar winning star is proving to be a hit away from the big screen as well as on it, but what is it about his outfits that have helped him fight off the likes of David Beckham, Nick Grimshaw and Idris Elba for a second consecutive year.

We’ve taken a look at what you can take away from the best dressed man in the world.


Eddie has shown his ability to pull off dark, mooted shades of colours just as well as brighter and bolder looks. However it’s not just the colour of the suit alone which he’s managed to pull off well, it’s the accompanying tie and shirt combinations which have really made him stand out.

We’ve seen Redmayne wear colours ranging from brown to deep purples and even turquoise on the odd occasion. While his simple darker looks are almost faultless, the real stand out pieces are his more daring efforts. Take for example his plum suit and baby blue tie combination, it was certainly a brave move but one he pulled off terrifically.

Be sure to remember that there is a big difference between being bold and just downright outlandish. Look for colours that will complement one another when choosing a suit, tie and shirt combination, and always look to add a pocket square a similar tone to your tie to help it all come together. 


We’ve seen Redmayne take a foray into trying out different suit materials over the years, and he does so with great effect. While there’s a clear favourability to more traditional materials such as cotton and linen, he’s also ventured into wearing flannel and even velvet. His intrepid move to bear a velvet suit, which he wore exquisitely for the premier of Les Miserables back in 2012, just goes to show his willingness to try new things.

Redmayne has also incorporated wool ties into his looks and managed to maintain his smart appearance. While wool ties are often seen as being a little more casual, they can offer an added element to your suit given the varied texture it will provide.

When it comes to suit wearing trying a new material for the first time can be something we often shy away from. However a suit in a different material can work wonders in completely refreshing your look and just takes an air of bravery to give it a go. If you aren’t completely confortable then we suggest you try more conservative fabrics such as linen and tweed before venturing into the realms of velvet.


Without a doubt every suit you see Redmayne in is sure to be fitted to perfection, a look that can only be achieved with the help of a good tailor. You can try to buy off the rack suits in the hope of emulating Eddie’s looks but until the suit is designed for your body, making a major impression will be difficult.

A tailored suit can be distinguished from the length of sleeves to the fit of the shoulder and the way it generally compliments your figure. While Eddie Redmayne’s debonair nature can’t be bought, a well fitted suit is sure to breed the confidence to get you part way there.

At Hemingway we pride ourselves on not only offering high quality tailoring but also granting our customers a plethora of suit materials and lining to choose from. Get in touch today to see how we can set you on your way to truly dressing to impress.

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