We’ve seen a number of TV shows and movies display iconic outfits, but there aren’t many that can rival the cast of Peaky Blinders. The hit show which has just aired its 4th season is set in the early 1900s and follows the notorious Shelby clan who lead the most feared gang in Birmingham, the Peaky Blinders.

While the gang are synonymous for their no-nonsense approach to settling their problems, they’re equally distinguishable by their dress code, especially charismatic leader Thomas Shelby. Sharp 3-piece suits, overcoats, and not to forget the pièce de résistance of the outfit, the flat cap, are all put together to create outfits which really make them stand out as men of authority amongst their working class community.

So how can you recreate a look similar to that of the peaky Blinders, an in specific Thomas (Tommy) Shelby without looking out of place in 2018? We’ve taken a look below.

The suit

Thomas Shelby’s suits most often come in the form of a dark tweed. He’s regularly seen wearing either black, navy, dark brown or a black suit which is either worn as a complete 3-piece or without the jacket. To get the suit right we’d recommend going for a dark grey herringbone tweed 3-piece suit, ensuring the jacket has a notched lapel (his use of peaked lapel jackets is few and far between and usually reserved for special occasions). This won’t look out of place whether you’re wearing it for a rural country event or day to day city life.


The Shirt

If you’ve paid close attention to Thomas Shelby’s dress then you’ll have realised his shirt isn’t any ordinary shirt. All of his shirts feature detachable collars, and this is a key component you have to get right if you really want to recreate his look. If you can’t get your hands on a shirt with detachable collars then an alternative would be to opt for a pin striped shirt with plain white collars. Many shirts are now often designed like this to give a similar impression as that of a shirt with detachable collars.


The overcoat

Tommy is rarely seen without his overcoat while wondering the streets of Small Heath and beyond. He often switches between a notched lapel and peak lapel overcoat, each of which are in his favoured tone – black. The peak lapelled overcoat is our favoured of the 2, not only because it provides an added air of sophistication, but the velvet collar adds a touch of character and class. To recreate this we recommend getting your coat tailor made, this will allow you to customise and add the velvet collar. Remember, his overcoat is often worn open, so make sure it’s single breasted as it will look better when left undone.


The hat

Many men refrain from head pieces these days, however to complete the Thomas Shelby look a flat cap is essential (minus the stitched in blades of course which the ill-tempered Shelby family are often seen using as weapons). The flat cap should match the suit, both in colour and fabric if you’re opting for tweed. While you might not like the idea of a flat cap, we recommend you give one a try before disregarding it – especially if you don’t usually wear any kind of headwear.


Final words

The popularity of a show such as Peaky Blinders can help to bring classic looks back into style. Flat caps have proven a rare sight when considering sartorial style for a number of years now, however the likes of Thomas Shelby and co have now granted you the perfect opportunity to give it a try. When adapting such a look though it’s important you still keep in touch with modern day trends, so where the Shelby’s are often seen wearing wide legged trousers, we’d certainly recommend a more tailored finish. Get the balance between the classic Peaky Blinder look and modern sartorial style right and you’ll certainly be the talk of any event.

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