The festive mood is well and truly in the air and while many of you will be wanting to get into the spirit of the season with your wardrobe choices, the issue is how do you do it tastefully? Every year we see a countless number of Christmas sweaters doing the rounds but if you want to maintain a smart or even smart-casual look then a cheesy Santa sweater won’t really cut it.

We’ve looked at how you can add a touch of festive cheer to your looks below.


The colours you opt for can make a telling contribution in creating a festive look so aim to team up the likes of reds, whites and greens. As we mentioned earlier it’s all about doing it tastefully and that’s where you need to take care in choosing which items of clothing you wear in which colour.


So how should you go about colour coordinating your look. Well if you’re wanting to give a typically smart look (suit, shirt and tie) a festive feel then keep the suit fairly neutral – with a grey suit being ideal. This will allow you to play with varying shades and styles of green and red accessories without the worry of them clashing with the suit, and will also mean you have a little more freedom with your choice of shirt. For example a red tie with white spots will scream Christmas, especially if you add a complimenting pocket square. Alternatively, a pale green shirt with white collars and cuffs may also offer the festive touch you’re after.

If you’re feeling a touch more daring then you can look beyond a grey suit and opt for a dark green or burgundy suit. Darker colours will help to give the suit a festive edge without being too garish. While this can work for a smart look, a suit in either green or burgundy might be better worn for a more informal occasion.

Other smart casual looks also offer the chance to get creative with your choice of colours – with knitwear and scarves being the obvious pieces to play around with. A plain red sweater is probably the go to item of clothing for many during the festive period. To spruce up your look a little and stand out from the rest you can accompany a red v neck sweater with a white shirt and forest green tie.


The inclusion of novelty items certainly creates a fun way of achieving a festive themed look. Items such as cufflinks, ties, pockets squares and socks aren’t overly imposing and therefore won’t detract from your look. We would suggest maybe not wearing them all at once though as you’ll be left attracting attention to all the varying individual pieces of your outfit as opposed to the entire look.

A simple online search will bring up a wide array of Christmas themed cufflinks with all sorts ranging from Santa to baubles being available. Similarly, there’s a wide range of themed ties, pocket squares and socks available – but as we mentioned earlier choose them carefully, as cheap, tacky items won’t help your look in any way.


While it might be a little too late to have a bespoke suit made for this year, it’s certainly something to keep in mind for next year. Bespoke suits allow you to add custom touches as you please, so you can give it a Christmas themed lining along with subtle hints of red and white detail and it could become a distinguished Christmas suit for years to come.

We hope that’s given you enough to go away and create some tasteful looks to express your festive spirits. If you’ve been inspired by our blog feel free to share your festive looks with us on our social media pages.

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