Hong Kong bespoke tailors offer a lifeline to former drug addicts

There are certain things that one would never think of as being particularly compatible. For the majority of people, luxury bespoke tailoring and reformed drug addicts would probably make that list!

‘Our theory is to try to make this a social enterprise, taking a discarded industry and discarded people and make an omelette’, says Mr Lee of his revolutionary business model.
Lee hired a number of master tailors, or sifu, providing them with airy, comfortable new premises in which to work and immediately doubling their former salaries. ‘These tailors are a rapidly diminishing asset’, says Lee.

The sifu aren’t just there to make garments, however. Part of Lee’s ‘social enterprise’ is to pass on these traditional skills to a younger generation, in this instance troubled former drug addicts. ‘These people want to clean up their lives, and they have a very structured schedule for 12 to 16 hours a day’, says Lee.

‘They also have to keep distracted from their hell by keeping busy and doing detail-oriented things, because there are studies that show this allows their brain to reset. So I was thinking: structured, repetition and detail oriented, and tailoring is that kind of job.’

We wish the firm every success in such an admirable pursuit.

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