The rich and famous are in the enviable position of being able to have all of their outfits tailored to fit them exactly. There are no off-the-rack suits to endure for the world’s celebs. In fact, celebrities may even be gifted tailored suits from the very best tailors from around the world, so they can act as ambassadors for their brand. We all expect celebrities to be dressed flawlessly as they walk down the red carpet or speak at press events. It’s their role to start trends that the rest of us try our hardest to follow. Celebrity fashion is most memorable, however, when things don’t go quite to plan. That suit that sounded great on paper that didn't turn out quite as expected, or a hopelessly wacky new colour combination that’s never going to win us round. Most of us feel a sense of schadenfreude when celebrities (and their designers) commit terrible fashion crimes – and all too often, even the celebrities in question know they look ridiculous. We take a look at some of the worst tailored suits we've seen celebrities wearing in the past, starting off with the one and only Lionel Messi…

Lionel Messi’s polka dot suit

Mr Messi may be one of the most talented footballers of his (or any) generation, but his fashion sense leaves much to be desired. Of his many fashion faux pas, the polka dot suit is perhaps the most infamous. Sure, we understand that he was paying tribute to compatriot Diego Maradona, but that doesn’t excuse this monstrosity. There’s a reason polka dot suits haven’t taken off: they make the wearer look like a children’s entertainer or circus performer.

Will Smith’s blue silk suit

To pull off a shiny silk suit is pretty much impossible, unless you have infinite natural grace, presence and confidence. Will Smith looks great in a sharp suit, but even he couldn’t pull off this shiny blue number. It might have just about worked with a more neutral shirt, but the red polo shirt Mr Smith wore it with created a weird juxtaposition of queasy ‘70s style and granddad chic.

Nigel Farage’s casual mismatched suit

We always expect politicians to dress well, even when they’re supposedly on holiday or at an informal event. We can turn a blind eye to politicians wearing socks and sandals, but we can’t forgive a poorly worn casual suit. GQ quite rightly point out that this mismatched suit once worn by UKIP leader Nigel Farage makes him one of the worst dressed men in Britain. Mustard yellow trousers, check shirt, dodgy tie and dull, ill fitting suit – it’s not a good combination.

Mick Jagger’s pink suit

Now, few would deny that flamboyant dressing has been integral to rock and roll for years (particularly in the ‘70s), but we’re not too sure that Mick Jagger’s pink suit is a welcome return to his glory days. We don’t think that anyone could look good in this lurid pink suit – even with Jagger’s tiny frame, there’s still enough fluorescent pink to make us wince.

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