Some people feel that summer just isn’t the right time for formalwear. In hot temperatures the last thing you might want to do is to pull on a tailored suit, but sometimes formal dressing is unavoidable – regardless of the time of year. Fortunately, lightweight bespoke suits and summery materials can make formalwear a stylish, comfortable choice for spring and summer as well as autumn and winter, but how should you style your summer suit? Just take a look at these four accessories you ought to invest in if you’re planning on wearing a suit this summer.

The shoes

A good bespoke suit is only as good as the shoes you wear it with. During the colder months of the year you might rely on leather brogues or oxfords, but such thick, stiff materials are the last things you want close to your feet during the heat of high summer. Instead, consider investing in a pair of smart loafers or boat shoes. These comfortable slip-ons give your feet room to breathe and yet still look suitably smart. Better yet, you should wear them without socks, too. Socks will just make you overheat in the summer and will ruin the style of a pair of loafers or boat shoes – you’ll be better off without them and are bound to appreciate the cooling influence of your new flexible footwear choice.

A hat

Will you consider wearing a hat with your tailored suit this summer? Hats can help to keep the sun out of your eyes, off your face and neck, keeping you cool, reducing the risk of sunburn and cutting our glare. Hats are coming back in formalwear fashion, and if you’re brave enough to team one with your tailored suit you could cause quite the stir. Boaters, Panamas, fedoras and trilbys are ideal choices for the summer, but it’s important to consider the shape of your head and face before choosing a hat to wear with your tailored suit. Take a look at the Art of Manliness’ guide to hat couture to help you choose.


No matter what you feel about sunglasses, during the summer months they go from being a style consideration to a genuine essential. Sunglasses cut out the glare and stop you from squinting into the sun, but they also block UV rays and help to protect your eyes on the hottest days. Choosing a pair of sunglasses is just like choosing a hat – don’t simply opt for a pair of aviators because they’re the coolest style. Different styles of sunglasses suit different face shapes and are appropriate for different people, so shop around. If you are planning on wearing sunglasses alongside a hat then don’t overdo it – make a statement with one accessory and be sure to tone down the others.

Tie or no tie?

Should you wear a tie during the summer months? A tie can feel like a noose when the weather is particularly hot, and you might prefer to go without if you can properly help it. The summer is a good time to wear your tailored suit in more casual fashion, so you could get away with going without a tie and wearing your shirt unbuttoned at the top instead. If you’re attending particularly formal events that require a tie then make sure you wear a tailored suit designed to keep you cool – consider a half-canvassed or fused jacket, and maybe experiment with different materials until you find a suitable compromise.

 To look good in the hot weather this year, it’s important that you invest in a bespoke or made-to-measure suit designed to help you make the most of the summer. Contact Hemingway Tailors to arrange a fitting and make a start today.

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