For all your tailored suit and bespoke menswear news and views, the Hemingway Tailors blog is an invaluable resource. We bring updates from the world of fashion, provide insights into our tailoring processes and pass on our style advice. Although our blog is a great place to start, it’s certainly not the be all and end all of men’s style on the internet. During your travels across the web, be sure to stop off at these other fantastic men’s fashion and style blogs.

 Permanent Style

Permanent Style is ancient in blog terms. It was founded in 2007 by men’s style journalist Simon Crompton, who’s written content for GQ, The Rake, City AM and The Financial Times, among other publications. Crompton’s Permanent Style blog focuses on classic style and long-term fashion investments, rather than seasonal trends. Crompton’s industry contacts and decades of experience mean that his blog is a must-read for anyone interested in luxury menswear. The blog features several posts dedicated to Hemingway Tailors and our master tailor, Toby Luper. We particularly like Permanent Style because of its balance between images and written content. Crompton’s writing and analysis are compelling, and it’s clear that he has huge breadth and depth of menswear knowledge.

 Men In This Town

Men In This Town is the blog of Sydney-based photographer Giuseppe Santamaria. Men In This Town is fashion photography, but not as you know it. Instead of men with chiselled jaws and perfectly groomed facial hair wearing the latest offerings from Gucci, Paul Smith et al., Santamaria takes photos of stylish men while they’re out and about. They may be flouting cardinal fashion rules or wearing last season’s styles, but Santamaria looks for confidence and cool, not high fashion. Santamaria is an advocate of men expressing their personalities through their style – not blindly following today’s trends.


GarçonJon is the pseudonym of Jonathan Daniel Pryce, a street and fashion photographer who’s worked in both Glasgow and London. Garç is a street style blog. As you would expect, the majority of the content is in the form of photos, but Pryce also carries out interviews of many big names in fashion and fashion journalism, and shares coverage of launch events for various retailers and designers.

 What’s He Wearing?

If you’d rather take style tips from the red carpet instead of city streets, What’s He Wearing? is the blog for you. The blogger behind this site is rather secretive, but we know that they’re based in London. What’s He Wearing? asks and answers that question for many celebrity red carpet appearances – and usually offers a couple of sentences of comment on the smart (or not so smart) choices of the celebrities’ stylists. It’s refreshing for a blog to take a balanced look at celebrity style – neither treating them as infallible nor ruthlessly ripping apart their style choices.

 What are your favourite men’s style blogs? Tweet us with your recommendations – and don’t forget to visit the Hemingway Tailors blog to keep up-to-date with all the latest tailored suit news and trends. 

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