There’s nothing worse than turning up excited for your friend or family member’s wedding in an outfit you’ve been looking forward to slipping into, only to discover that someone else is wearing exactly the same thing. With wedding season upon us, we’re all desperately searching for the perfect wedding outfit, and it’s not only the brides and grooms who are filling up the appointment books of tailors everywhere. Gone are the days when you could just turn up to a wedding in your favourite suit and tie or go-to dress – nowadays, the guests are making just as much effort as the bride and groom. If you have an upcoming wedding you need to prepare for, take a look at these often overlooked considerations and bear them in mind for the big day…

#1: Choose comfortable footwear

You might have chosen a pair of sky-high heels because the colour perfectly matches your handbag, but how easily can you walk in them? Weddings can often be daylong affairs, so you’ll want to wear shoes you can bear to be in for some time. Men often make the mistake of not wearing in their new shoes before the wedding, so when it comes to taking to the dance floor they find they’re slipping all over the place. It’s always worth wearing your new shoes at least once before you wear them to the wedding so you know whether they are comfortable and practical enough for a day’s use.

#2: Don’t clash with the bridal party

You’ll never live it down if you turn up wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids, or worse, the bride herself! As an unspoken rule, you should never wear white to a wedding and you should try to avoid wearing the same shade as the bridesmaids. If the bride is keeping her bridesmaids’ dresses a secret, just check with her on the colour of your dress first to see if she approves. You don’t want to look as though you’re trying to steal the bride’s limelight or fit in with the bridesmaids in the photos.

#3: Wear layers

Depending on the type of wedding you’re attending, you could be moving from outside to inside or from a restaurant to dance floor, in which case you’ll probably want a suit jacket or cardigan you can remove and put back on at some point during the day. Temperatures can change, so rather than shivering during the ceremony or feeling hot in a thick shirt or long-sleeved dress during dinner, wear a light shirt and suit jacket and a sleeveless dress with a shawl or cardigan.

#4: Go bespoke

If you’re worried about turning up in the same outfit as somebody else, then why not design your own outfit for the wedding? Wedding invitations are normally sent out well in advance, so take the opportunity to get in touch with a tailor and start designing your ideal outfit or bespoke suit. Not only will no-one else be wearing the same thing as you, but you can guarantee you will remain comfortable all day in your made-to-measure outfit and you’ll get great use out of it after the wedding, too. At Hemingway Tailors we’ve had a number of wedding guests approach us looking for something to wear for the big day, and we love helping them bring their ideas to life – using various fabrics, colours and styles to create outfits they’ll love.

You should be excited about the wedding you are about to attend, so if the worry of what to wear is getting to you, why not get in touch with the professionals at Hemingway Tailors and book your appointment today?

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