We’ve all heard the phrase “shoes are made for walking”, which stands true of course – however they also serve a purpose beyond that. Let’s face it, if they were made purely for walking then we certainly wouldn’t see many pairs with 4 inch heels attached to them!

Our footwear has become a huge part of our daily attire. Not only do they complete our looks but they also play a major role in how we’re perceived by others. As much as we should all base our judgements on people once we speak to them, the fact is that many people observe the physical appearance of others and base their initial opinion of them from this. That’s why we need to make sure we present ourselves in the best possible manner irrespective of whether it’s the first day on the job or a first date.

While for guys there might not be as many commonly worn choices of footwear as there are for women, it’s still very easy to mess things up and give off the wrong impression. That’s why it helps to know how different forms of footwear speak about you.

So, what do our shoes say about us?

We’ve looked at footwear choices (when teamed up with a suit) for men and what they can say about you.

Tassel Loafers

For men, tassel loafers have become an increasingly popular choice of footwear in recent years. Whereas they might have initially been worn primarily by successful middle aged men a few decades ago, you’ll often find fashion loving millennials now also slipping on a pair. With a suit, tassel loafers certainly catch the eye. They’re likely to display your fondness towards fashion while also showing you aren’t afraid to stray away from traditional forms of formal shoes.

Bespoke shoes

Much like bespoke suits, bespoke shoes sit in a league of their own. Take the perfect fit out of the equation and you still have a shoe which is as personal to you as it can be. The uniqueness of the bespoke shoe will have anyone (who’s aware of them being bespoke) knowing that you take considerable pride in your appearance and that you’re willing to spend time in ensuring you look good. Depending on how formal the shoes are, they can be worn for most occasions and are likely to evoke a positive response irrespective of the audience.


Pairing trainers with a suit can work equally well for men and women, however it’s a tough one to pull off. When done right though it’s sure to create a trendy look which will display your enthusiasm for fashion and a potential fondness for sports or fitness. It’s also a look which is better suited for the more athletic male as they tend to sit better on a slender figure. The choice to veer away completely from formal shoes is one that’ll show confidence – however it’s a look you don’t want to get wrong. Fall foul of choosing the wrong trainers to go alongside your suit and you’ll certainly show yourself up.

Formal pumps

With formal pumps being suited primarily for black tie or white tie events, it’s a choice of footwear which can really make you stand out amongst the crowd. If you want to be perceived as knowing a thing or 2 about fashion and caring about your image, then formal pumps will help get this across. While there’s a misconception involved amongst a few people who see them as lacking a masculine edge, those who appreciate the elegant nature of the pumps will certainly see them as a fine element of your outfit.

Irrespective of what your shoes say about you, you need to also remain aware of the fact that there’s a time and place for certain footwear combinations. Wearing trainers for a formal event won’t speak well for you in any way. While we’ve gone into the specifics of particular footwear above, the key thing to consider before any of that is that your footwear suits the occasion, they’re also in decent condition and you’re comfortable wearing them.

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