While the horse racing remains the main attraction, Ladies Day at Aintree brings a spectacle of its own to the event, and it didn’t disappoint us this year either with some fantastic fashion on show. With the event not being as strict on the dress code as Royal Ascot, we were afforded some more creative looks.

We’ve looked at what inspiration you can take from the fashion that was on show to add a little flair to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Florals prints

The natural choice of fabric print for dresses in spring and summer is floral with it falling hand in hand with the season. There was plenty of it on show during Ladies Day, and with the weather brightening up you can also look to add a floral element your smart looks.

A great way to offer a subtle hit of floral is with the lining of your blazer. While your lining may not always be on show, there’s more chance of people catching a glimpse during the warmer months as it’s likely you won’t always be buttoning it up. This is a great way of adding an air of summer to your look while still maintaining a formal appearance on the whole.

You can also incorporate a hint of floral with the help of accessories such as your purse or earrings. However, remember there’s a fine line between having them provide a tasteful floral accompaniment and looking desperately out of place so make sure they aren’t too bold.

Pastel colours

Similar to floral prints, spring and summer also gets people gravitating towards more pastel shades and Ladies Day had more than a few on show. Pastel colours are more flexible for women, with them being equally suitable to wear for a day at the office as they are for an evening meal. You can make the most of this with by going for a pastel or nude coloured suit accompanied by a crisp white shirt to complete a clean look fit for the warmer months.

For those of you who are cautious about ruining or getting a few marks on a pastel coloured suit, why not add a hint of a lighter shade into your look with the odd piece of clothing as opposed to the entire suit. Wear a pastel coloured shirt, blazer, trousers or skirt, and maybe complete your look with a light handbag and shoes to provide an airy feel to what would ordinarily have been a darker look.

Bold looks

For all of the crisp pastel outfits which were on show, there were also some bold looks which really caught the eye. A common trend which seemed to feature was the number of red outfits. This appeared to be a fan favourite and while it was a contrasting look to that of the pastel shades, it certainly looked just as good.

When it comes to formal fashion you have to be cautious in how bold you decide to go. The type of event or occasion you’re dressing for will obviously have a large impact on how adventurous your look can get. If it’s suited to the occasion then you could go for a red blazer and skirt combination or similarly match a red shirt with a black suit. Regardless of how you go about it, if you are planning on wearing a splash of red then we’d recommend combining it with monochrome shades to ensure your look isn’t too excessive in its range of colours.

Additionally, if you’re dressing for a formal evening event, then you could (in very Taylor Swift-esque fashion) add a hint of red lipstick to your look.  Small additions such as this can really work wonders in providing a striking look without taking anything away from the formal element of your outfit.

Remember, colours and prints might make you look good from a distance, but to truly finish your look make sure your clothes are well fitted. At Hemingway we offer a made to measure service for women’s suits, so whether it’s work or pleasure you’re wanting to dressing for, look your very best up close with our help. 

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