As the weather gets colder it’s important we wrap up warm and keep ourselves protected. However, this shouldn’t come at a cost of looking good. There a number of ways you can ensure that you maintain your stylish look with the addition of some winter wear.

To help guide you through the following months, we’ve looked at ways you can add warmth and style to your formal outfits.

Getting through early autumn

As Autumn sets in you’ll want to start dressing a little warmer. Be careful not to get too carried away just yet as the cool mornings can become considerably milder so you don’t want to dress too warm. For men, we’d recommend switching those summer suits for something a little more protective. Think suits made from materials such as wool or flannel. It’s probably a good time of year for women to opt for trousers over skirts, and if you can’t leave your beloved skirts hung up in your wardrobe for a few months then be sure to throw on a pair of tights. If you’re looking to achieve a formal look then also make sure your tights are either of a nude colour or something muted such as a navy or black.

Transitioning to winter

You can expect a chill in the air during mid-November which is an ideal time to start layering up. A great way for both men and women to wrap up is by adding a sweater or cardigan. While for women the inclusion of a sweater or cardigan is pretty straight forward, men have a little more to think about when incorporating one into their dress. The seamless inclusion of a sweater involves considering a number of things. For example, a V-neck sweater and a crew neck sweater should both be worn differently. A v neck sweater can be worn with the collars hanging out while a crew neckline will require your collars to be tucked in. Similarly, wearing a tie with a v neck will look far better than attempting the same look with a crew neck. As the weather gets colder we’d recommend switching cotton sweaters for wool or cashmere which are likely to keep you warmer.

We’d also recommend that you prepare not only for the cold but the rain as well. The last thing you want is your suit to get soaked through so an overcoat is likely to provide all the protection you need. It also adds a layer of warmth which can be removed once indoors.

Accessories and shoes for the midst of winter

By the time Christmas rolls around and we welcome the new year, the weather will certainly be feeling frosty. While some people don’t favour accessories in the form of scarves and gloves, we’d certainly recommend getting yourself a quality pair. Not only will they help to protect you from the drop in temperature, but they can also look incredibly stylish if worn correctly. If you do decide to wear gloves and scarves though, be sure to keep in mind how they’ll look with the majority of your outfits. This is why we recommend going for colours which aren’t too bold. For example, black or brown leather gloves are sure to go with most looks and add a classy touch to your outfit.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your footwear. Now this is just as relevant for men as it is for women. The last thing you want in the winter is your finest set of shoes to get ruined in a deluge of rain and slush, so make sure you have an alternate pair to get you through the winter such as these suggestions.

So, that should keep you well equipped to see out the following few months until the weather brightens up. Remember, with so much choice in formal fashion attire out there, style doesn’t have to be compromised to stay comfortable all year around.

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