At least one good suit is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Suitable as business wear, for formal occasions or as elements of a more informal outfit, a good quality suit is a truly versatile garment. If you’re in the market for a new women’s suit, you have two options: buy off-the-rack, or invest in a women's made-to-measure suit. A tailored suit will inevitably cost a little more than most off-the-rack options, but is cost the only consideration you ought to bear in mind when choosing between shop bought and tailored suits? Here are five reasons we think you should invest in a made-to-measure suit…


Women come in all different shapes and sizes – off-the-rack suits don’t. If you’ve struggled to find a well-fitted off-the-rack suit in the past, you aren’t the only one. You’d be very lucky to find a shop bought suit that fits you well, let alone one that fits you perfectly. You might even opt to have the suit altered by a tailor after you’ve bought it to improve the fit. Why not cut out the middleman and buy a suit that fits you perfectly? The made-to-measure tailoring process involves a number of fitting appointments to ensure that the finished product is made to fit your body – no-one else’s.


Have you ever been disappointed with the quality of off-the-rack suits in the past? The materials and construction of these garments are often lacking. If you’re spending a fair amount of money on a suit you’ll want something that looks good, feels good and is built to last. Women’s made-to-measure suits are built using only the best materials, from the lining to the stitching to the outer fabric. 


Chances are good that your perfect suit does not exist. You can search every high-street shop and online retailer you can think of and you might well find a suit you like, but will it be perfect? Almost certainly not. If you want your suit to be just so in terms of cut, colour, fabric and detailing, you have to go made-to-measure. A huge variety of personalisation options will ensure that your suit will look just as you imagined it.


A good suit should be an investment. Both high quality off-the-rack and made-to-measure suits are likely to be fairly pricy, so you’ll want a garment that you’ll continue to wear for years. With shop bought suits, however, that’s rarely the case. Poorly made suits lose their shape, their colours fade and their lustre becomes drab over time. Not so with a tailored suit. With careful aftercare, your made-to-measure suit could last for ten years or more. The money you pay for your tailored suit will look like a bargain when it’s been a wardrobe staple for a decade or more.


Last but not least, you should consider investing in a women’s made-to-measure suit to capitalise on one of the trends of the moment. Some of the most glamorous women on the planet are swapping ball gowns and cocktail dresses for tailored suits on the red carpet, and they look fantastic doing so. From Rosie Huntington-Whitely to Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick to Rita Ora, A-listers the world over are increasingly turning to tailored suits for the biggest and most glamorous events. Isn’t it time you joined them?

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