A tailored suit is a fantastic and worthwhile investment that you can benefit from both inside and outside of work. It is not often something that you would give to a friend as gift, largely because it would be quite extravagant and very personal, but what about when you wish to impress a business contact with a lavish, thoughtful gift? You might shy away from the idea of buying them a tailored suit because you wouldn’t know their measurements, but with our ‘suit-in-a-box’ gift service you wouldn’t need to. The perfect personal gift for the man who has everything, you can choose the fabric and lining to be delivered in a luxury gift box to the recipient’s door, after which time they can have the suit tailored to their specific measurements. It is the ideal way to say thank you to a highly regarded business associate or congratulations to a high-achieving employee. Here are just five reasons why you should gift someone a tailored suit.

#1: It’s a big gesture

When you want to say a big thank you to someone or really show your appreciation for the work they’ve done, it can often be difficult to find the right gift. The gift needs to reflect just how much you value them, so it needs to be personal and thoughtful. A suit-in-a-box can become something that they get fantastic use out of and will benefit from for a long time, so it makes for a big gesture.

#2: It’s easy to plan

If you already have a tailored suit yourself, then you’ll know just how easy and fun it is to create one from scratch. All you would need to do is sit down with one of our tailors and browse the fabric and lining options, choosing something you think will suit the recipient and that they will love. Then you leave the rest down to them. They’ll deliver the fabrics to your recipient in a beautiful presentation box and organise appointments from there.

#3: It’s original

It’s very unlikely that your recipient will have received such a gift from anyone else in the past, which means your gift should be completely original. If you’re trying to impress a client or are desperate not to pick something someone else might have already bought, you can’t go wrong with a suit-in-a-box. The finished product will also be completely unique – they’ll get to wear a suit no-one else will ever own.

#4: It’s personal

You pick the fabric, lining and colour, all with the recipient in mind, and the suit is then made-to-measure – you can’t get more personal than that. When you want to buy someone something personal it can often be difficult to get it right or to think of anything at all that they don’t already have, but a unique, bespoke suit is a one-of-a-kind, personal gift the recipient is bound to appreciate.

#5: It’s an investment

Not only are you investing in a suit for the recipient (who will get great use out of such a quality garment), but you are investing in the recipient themselves. Gifting them with such a valuable and thoughtful item is bound to seal any impending business deal, repay the favour or really show how much you care, strengthening your relationship with them and proving your dedication.

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