Dressing smartly for a formal occasion such as a wedding, a party or an awards ceremony can be great fun, but unfortunately, it’s easier to get your look wrong than it is to wow the crowds with your fantastic dress sense. While our beautiful bespoke tailored suits and made-to-measure garments will always look stunning on the hanger, it’s up to the wearer to pull them off appropriately when it’s time to break them out for real. Take a look at these five common fashion faux-pas and ensure that you aren’t letting down your garments with some questionable style choices this year…

Bulging pockets

Bespoke tailoring is all about perfecting the lines of a garment. Your tailored jacket and slacks will have been carefully made to augment the shape of your body and present the most attractive lines to the viewer, so the last thing you should do is cram the pockets full of pointless items and ruin the effect entirely. Stuffing wallets, keys and bulky phones into your trouser and jacket pockets will often visually ruin a tailor’s hard work, so either leave them at home or find a safe place to keep your essentials for the time being.

Gaping blouses

A common problem amongst smartly-dressed ladies is that of gaping. Top-heavy women often find that shirts and blouses will either fit them around the bust or at the waist – not both. Inevitably the waist wins out but those too-tight shirts will frequently gape at the bust, ruining the lines of the garment and jeopardising your modesty. Here at Hemingway Tailors, our made to measure women’s shirts will offer you the fit you need across both the waist and the bust, providing you with a stylish, well-fitting garment that won’t cause embarrassment when you need it least.

Tie etiquette

There’s no special trick to wearing a tie, is there? Surely you just sling it around your neck, tie it up and you’re away? Not so. Ties can be just as important to the overall look and feel of your outfit as your jacket or your shirt, so it’s important to:

A) Pick an appropriate colour and pattern – no novelty kipper ties here.

B) Tie the thing properly. Half-Windsor and four-in-hand knots only, please!

C) Leave the blades at the right length. BOTH should reach the waistband of your trousers.

The dreaded VPL

Most ladies will be familiar with the dreaded concept of the VPL, or Visible Panty Line. Wearing too-tight slacks, clingy dresses and skirts with the wrong kind of underwear can often leave the line of your underpants visible through the fabric of your clothes – a more embarrassing fashion faux pas would be difficult to imagine! Women’s made-to-measure tailoring will provide you with garments of a higher-quality fabric, reducing the translucency that often results in VPL, but you’ll still need to select the right kind of underwear before you go out and always remember to check in the mirror to make sure you’ve not fallen victim of this particular faux pas…

Shoe and belt matching

This fashion faux pas is, perhaps, less obviously embarrassing, but it will be equally frowned upon by those with a keen eye for detail. Well-dressed gentlemen will always match their shoes to their belts, so that if you’re wearing a pair of tan brogues your belt must be tan, also. Black and brown leathers should never be mixed, and while it isn’t essential to match the same kind of leather between accessories, this kind of attention to detail will help to mark you out as a particularly debonair dresser.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Hemingway Tailors blog for more formal fashion advice, guides and updates in future, and don’t forget to make use of our made-to-measure tailoring service to provide you with the perfect garments for any occasion this year

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