It can happen to the best of them: an ill-fitting shirt, a skirt too tight and paparazzi with a camera, and that’s it, bottoms and busts will grace the front pages and it’s all anyone will remember them for. Poor celebrities; their foolish fashion blunders are forever being printed online and in the papers. Luckily, ours are only passed on by friends and never make headlines, but that’s still no excuse for a fashion faux pas. Everyone should be aware of the most common fashion no-nos by now and know exactly how to avoid them.

At Hemingway Tailors, we pride ourselves on our outstanding bespoke fashions, but anyone can get the look with a made-to-measure or tailored suit, it’s knowing what looks and styles to avoid that sets us apart. Here, we’ve highlighted five famous fashion faux pas, and how to ensure you never make them yourself...

Tight shirts

On a man, a tight shirt can look uncomfortable, on a woman a tight shirt can lead to front page news (see Judy Finnigan). Wearing tops that are too tight or ill-fitting can cause such blunders, and it is often a problem had by many women who are top-heavy. A tailored shirt can be adjusted so that it fits an individual both around the chest and waist comfortably, and will help to avoid any fashion blunders.

Baggy trousers

No matter what the fashion trend, baggy trousers are never going to look flattering. We’ve not time to address the matter of baggy jeans belted below the bottom, instead, we’ll focus on baggy suit trousers. Here’s a tip, when a gust of wind causes your trousers to balloon and send you soaring, they’re too baggy. Made-to-measure suit trousers will ensure you a flattering, comfortable and stylish look, that will turn heads for the all of the right reasons.


Even if you’re proud of the shop you bought the garment in, a label on show is inexcusable. When you buy new clothes or new shoes, once you are sure they are a good look and a good fit, you must immediately search for all labels and ensure they’re not on show. This includes the soles of your shoes, the jacket sleeves and pockets. Some labels might be sewn on; this does not mean they are part of the design.

Shiny suits

Shiny suits in general are rarely a good look, particularly as unless they are specifically tailored to fit, it is difficult for them not to look cheap. However, the shiny suits we’re talking about are the normal suits that develop a shine due to excessive wear or improper care. This is more likely to happen on the elbows, knees and bottom. While a tailored suit will always look smart and expensive, you must look after it with care, in order to make sure it always looks fresh, crisp and new. Try to avoid wearing it every day and dry cleaning it too often, or using a hot iron on the fabric.

Flappy belts

A belt is the perfect accessory and can complete any tailor-made suit, but if it is too big and the end is left hanging loosely by your pocket, you are in danger of looking dishevelled, rather than smart. To avoid this, learn your hip size when you are being measured for your suit and try to buy a belt to fit. If a belt you like is not available in your size, you can always have it altered professionally (or even do it yourself).

As non-celebrities, we all have the luxury of not having our fashion faux pas broadcast to a sneering world, but we must still try to avoid them at all costs. To ensure you are always looking your best, you can’t go wrong with tailored clothing. For more information on dressing for particular occasions or style tips, be sure to check our blog, and for beautifully designed suits, visit our website.

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